color of royalty ;)

the village chief

i recently bought jessica julius and maggie malone’s the art of moana, and it was such a beautiful and enjoyable read! i was inspired to draw moana again; this is how i imagine an older moana would look as the village chief of motunui.

i decided to marry parts of the designs of both motunui villagers (such as tattoos) and their voyaging ancestors (such as fresh vegetation) for moana’s village chief look, also making sure to use a lot of red, which is the color of royalty, and to throw in whale teeth into her necklace, which only royalty would be allowed to wear. the story of moana, after all, is about how moana found and defined her identity when she set out to fulfill her ancestors’ quest and how she connected herself and her people to their ancestry in doing so.

A Chief and her Wife Consort.

Moana grown into her chiefly title and her demigod hubby. This one is for @sinistercephalopod and her awesome Hooked Wayfinder fanfic series. Specifically “The Chief’s Wife” which I was thinking about the whole entire time.

ALSO! I’ve hit 13,000+ Followers! Thanks for all of your support and I’m so sorry for what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Spring Day Theory: YNYA is Namjoon’s era

First I’ll talk about the teaser, and be ready because you’ll have a MINDBLOWN

Ok so look at this scene

pretty normal right? Well when we zoom a lil bit on the left….

Yes. I can’t believe it myself. Big hit is actually sending us some subliminal messages omg.

But what is “Namjoon’s era”?. Namjoon’s era means that the leader, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster is appreciated af by all the fandom during an era: here YNYA. This never happened so I guess that many of you didn’t know that.

Farther in the teaser,

Namjoon is wearing a crown. Meaning that he is the king of this era.

Do you know which color represents royalty?? Purple.

And what’s Namjoon’s haircolor??

Purple. Yes I know this is shocking.

Talking about the concept pictures, there’s another subliminal message

the biceps is telling us that he is finally free. He is ready for this comeback, ready to shine.

And finally there’s 7 members in BTS. 

omg this fits perfectly????????????im so shook rn