color negative 100


Untitled by funappiy ++
Via Flickr:
「RolleicordVa Xenar 1:3.5/75mm」/Lomo Color Negative 100(期限切れ)

Back to Tumblr … This shot was made with an old Zeiss Icon 4,5x6 folding camera with a Novar-Anastigmat 1:3,5 f=7,5cm (yes, they measured in centimeters instead of millimeters back then, and we use commas here in Germany instead of dots ;)).

The camera was lent to me by a collector who did not use it (ever or at least not for a very long time) – but it was still fully operational – some external cleaning of rangefinder windows, finder and lens was enough.

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#for those bellarke fans who are upset #channel your passion into something positive #for instance #i’m channeling my passion into appreciating the way Clarke occasionally can’t help but look at Bellamy’s lips #and suddenly #i feel better #if that doesn’t make you feel better #well #appreciate it anyway #because this is a thing #and it is glorious #be happy