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Part of the Dalliance Series

Genre: Romance, Smut.

Length: 4,6k

Part one.

Summary: “The most shy and reserved one can also be the naughtiest one”

de·mure reserved, modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way.

‘Currently hiring a full time personal teacher! For more information call this number xxx-xxx-xxxx and ask for Mrs. Oh’

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anonymous asked:

A white mentally ill man was kidnapped and tortured for several days by three black people who filmed them hurting this guy, and put it on facebook. All because he was white. This happened last year in the US. White people are attacked because of their skin color. If you looked up how much white people have suffered in history, you would be shocked. We've been enslaved, and conquered, and killed in the thousands. We've suffered like everyone else. Its not a one way street.

Okay Okay… like the butcher says, let’s go by pieces, ok?

Yeah, i know the “white mentally ill kid killed by black people” chase, heck, it’s the chase EVERYONE who have talked to me about this topic uses as an example, which I find odly specific but I rather not get in detail.

First of all, and let’s be clear, those guys? are assholes, I have 0 empathy for them, I’m glad they are in jail, that was cruel and sadistic as fuck, and I feel bad for the lil kiddo that had to pay with blood the sentence of those guys.

With that CLEAR, let’s go to the topic… you know why I find curious that that’s the chase everyone tells me about while talking like this…

Because its their master card.

That’s your master card, we talk about racism and guys go “but black people did this to a white mentally ill kiddo bc he was white” uh, yeah… that doesn’t delete the racism we where just talking about. 

What happened was tragic, yeah, a lot… but you know what else is tragic? 

who has the stereotype of being terrorists? Muslim people

This one is really curious, look at the amount of people in jail…

Isn’t it weird that there’s more POC people there than white, having in mind that theres more white people in the US? MORE having in mind that ton of them are set free or pay less in prison?

and you know what? this whole fucking article is worth checking, is a masterpiece of disaster

Now, history time!!

Yeah, indeed, white people HAVE suffered

You know, tho, why they have suffered so much?

Because they though they where the kings of the world and wanted to take EVERYTHING they could for themselves, AT LEAST in 70% of the cases.

There in North America they killed the native people, yeah, but here? Here they raped our natives, stole OUR gold to make a ton of fascinating structures that people clap and acclimate as masterpieces, yeah, masterpieces with blood and slavery of native people that had a life in perfect harmony before they came here to fuck in, fuck up and fuck out.

Oh but ok, let’s talk about how ton of the violence against white people in history was by… white people? yeah, people trying to conquer territories, and don’t get me wrong, I KNOW about the whole “Slavery caused to white people in Rome (who where also Europeans so idk if they should count) and Arabia but it was much less in comparison to the one white people had.

History was cruel, and sadistic, don’t get me wrong, but who are the ones who made more damage? who are seen as superior EVEN today? who are the ones who make more impact in the world right now? who are the ones that let a racist fuck be the president of one of the most powerful nations in the world, who are the ones that created (for example) WW2? who are the ones that had made the most damage, and are weirdly praised for that? 

I’ll try to set this example here, since i ain’t exactly an all knower on history and I may be wrong on some data, let’s talk about what I, INDEED, know.

In latinamerica it would AMAZE you the huge amount of “Neonazis” that there’s around, ton of them brown. At first I didn’t got it, but it suddenly sparked at me when I met one face by face and had a conversation with them.

Mom calls it “Gringo complex” and its p fitting.

They wanna be white because we are teached that they are, indeed, THE WINNERS, the best race, they are in denial because they wanna be “the best”, the ones that win wars, that are in the first world, that win more, that get more, the ones that get ton of inmunity, that are almost untouchable, they wanna have the advantage white people has, and to get that they act like, they are, indeed, white supremacist.

And all of that because of what? because racism is a thing! or do you think white people wanna be POC FOR OTHER reason than “they are /fetishization/” or because the wanna be opressed so hard to have a free card to be jerks or to whine about something? Because it happens! they buy tours to go to places and live like poor people in (example) asia a few days just to experiment “something new” and some even end up liking it. But no honey, no it’s not good, and being there a few days is like being in a pijama party…

At first is entertaining, then you notice how hellish can it be, and if you had to LIVE like them you’ll fill on your BLOOD and guts that you where, indeed, pretty lucky.