color me puzzled

anonymous asked:

why dont u care about krista? does a character have to be important to ship a canon queer ship?

Anon, I’m not sure where you’re coming from nor where you’re trying to
go with this or what does the latter have to do with my tags. It’s no secret that I am indifferent towards 75% of the snk cast (I only say it about every time I bring up the series); krista simply happens to fall into that percentage. There is no particular reason  for it; it’s just the way things are for me. As for the ship, I never said I dislike it; I said I don’t actively ship it, there is a difference.

I may like two characters together and may enjoy their scenes; that’s what I call passively shipping. You just like them; but you aren’t emotionally invested in them and their outcome. Actively shipping to me though is getting in the fandom, craving fanfics, saving fanart, etc. And I simply don’t feel strongly enough to do that about any snk pairing aside from EreAnnie (and occasionally EruRi); so to answer your question, no, whether they’re important characters or part of a canon ship or queer or not has got nothing to do with it.