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color me extremely curious about your podcast/ocs, please do tell about them!!!

okay so i have two podcasts in the works.

moonbeam sleuthing is the one i’m working on the most right now, because im using it as a test run for my editing skills and i’m really just messing around with it

okay so moonbeam sleuthing is mainly a kind of office style complaint fest between a detective and his nonbinary secretary/lawyer/favourite disinherited rich kid. it’s mainly them talking to each other about his adventures. also this takes place on the moon.

the setting is kind of like, one part sailor moon, one part Gotham, one part big mess. it’s a little bit crazy but the important focus of this podcast is on having fun making it, not it always making sense. 

so the main plot of this is that it’s kind of whacky adventures, usually recounted after the fact. our main character is Richard Rex, former Radio Intern/Theater Actor/General Bullshitter. Kind of the polar opposite of every former police/army detective trope. Star Reech (Formerly, Astoria Reech) is everyone’s favourite gentleman secretary, and they are the one who is Really Running things and keeping the whole agency going. Copernicus Slate is the third biggest mob boss on the moon, and Richard’s love interest. 

SO YEAH all i really have up for this so far is the tumblr, which i haven’t done anything with:


The other podcast I’m working on is a much larger production called The Analemma Logs 

The Analemma Logs is a chronicle that followers the lives of a social sciences division on the Starship Axion. Our main character here is a half human/half praxian hybrid named Penelope Lemmits (but you can call her Penny). She’s an exoanthroplogist. You know the character that ends up making all the cultural briefings for all the other starships? The ones everyone always ignores? Yeah, people actually have to study and compile those. Then you get Doctors Flint and Chenya, Chenya being a linguist and Flint NOT actually being a social scientist at all, but there’s no room in the sciences division for him to have an office in that wing of the ship, so they’ve sort of adopted him.

I don’t really want to get too far into the plot but I have done a LOT more for this podcast so far so you can follow these places for updates on the series:




I was supposed to post this yesterday but it took me so long to finish it that I don’t even care about all the mistakes lmao not that I can fix them anyways bc ink

cube-headed characters are A+

naggy rubix mom belongs to dapper-deoxys
Enderman is from Minecraft, obviously which I don’t even play lol
and Vihris belongs to me :v

i’m all inked out, i’ll draw something simple later for day 6 haha orz