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GQ Japan: NO MORE IDOL BEHAVIOR feat. Yamamoto Sayaka requested by anon

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can we get alex touching herself for maggie?

Hells yeah we can.

She’s exhausted – emotionally, mentally, physically – she’s exhausted, she’s drained.

But god, does she want her.

She wants her on her tongue, wants her in her blood, wants Maggie every way it’s possible to want someone. Every way she never thought she could want someone.

But she’s not the only one whose body is bruised and whose heart is scarred; not the only one who was activated by the sight, the sound, the reality, of Lilian Luthor, in their presence, in their bar.

The bar where Lilian had orchestrated the massacre of so many of Maggie’s friends. Just because of…

Alex won’t think about it, can’t, but she knows enough to let the woman who’s burning her skin with pleasant flames just with the power of memory, of fantasy, of love… she knows enough, grieves enough, to let Maggie sleeps.

Because sleep is all too rare, these days.

So Alex tries not to wake her and she tries not to disturb her, but god, god, fuck, she wants her.

She bites her lip as her eyes graze over Maggie’s sleeping, peaceful face, hair tossed slightly over her forehead.

She bites her lip as she slips her hand, quietly, quietly, down her own pajama pants.

She bites her lip to help her swallow her gasp as her strong fingers sweep over her clit.

She bites her lip and she rolls her hips slightly, softly, desperately trying not to wake Maggie, but god, does she need more. 

She needs more, because images of Maggie’s tongue between her legs, the feeling of her fingers slipping deep, deep inside her, the ecstasy of her mouth on her nipples, her hands on her ass, flash through her mind and tear through her body.

She glances at Maggie – still sleeping peacefully – and she shifts.

Shifts so she’s laying on her stomach instead of on her back, shifts so when her fingers draw hard, fast circles right above her clit, the added pressure of the mattress, of gravity, courses through her veins.

She tries to breathe into her pillow so her increasingly ragged breath doesn’t wake her; tries to keep her hips relatively still so the movement rocking the bed doesn’t disturb her; but when she thinks about, dreams about, fantasizes about, the way Maggie’s head tilts back, the way her fingers reach up for Alex’s breasts, the way Maggie moans her name like a prayer, when Alex rides her, needy and reckless and solid, Alex can’t stop the sharp hiss of breath from forcing out of her lips.


Maggie’s voice is groggy and thick with sleep, and Alex curses internally, swallowing a whine, her body frozen.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Go back to sleep babe, it’s only me.”

But Maggie blinks her eyes open and the effect would be adorable if Alex weren’t so turned on.

“You okay? Did you have another nightmare, Ally, did you – “

But her eyes sweep down to the way Alex’s hands are pinned beneath her body, underneath her hips; the way Alex’s face is flushed, the way she’s breathing quickly, the way her eyes are fire and clarity and thirst.

“Danvers,” she says again, and her voice is still full of the gravel of sleep, but now it’s layered with something else. Something deeper, something needier. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to uh… disturb.”

Alex turns so her face is buried in her pillow, groaning, and Maggie slips closer to her instantly.

“Hey, hey, Alex, look at me.”


“Alex, please, babe.”

Alex shifts so one eye is off the pillow, and the little Maggie can see of her face is tinged with red.

“I’m sorry, Maggie, it… I didn’t mean to wake you, and it’s stupid, and I – “ 

She starts shifting off her stomach as she talks, and Maggie hovers her hands just shy of touching her, but the effect is the same: Alex stills.

“Whoa whoa, Alex, no, it’s not…” She blinks sleep out of her eyes and she leans up on her elbow, cheek resting on her hand. “It’s not stupid, babe, I’m glad you were…” Maggie smiles and she touches Alex’s chin gently, tenderly, lovingly. “I’m glad you were taking care of yourself. You have nothing to be embarrassed about, Danvers, it uh… it… it’s pretty hot, actually.”

Alex turns her face so she can see Maggie fully, now, fire stoking again in the pit of her stomach at Maggie’s admission.

“It is?”

Maggie lets out a single laugh. 

“Uh, yeah. Big time, Danvers. Did you um… did you want to… continue? I didn’t mean to disturb you, I…”

Alex bites her lip. “You’re not disturbing me.”

Something that looks a lot like a supernova flashes in Maggie’s eyes. “Do you want… help? I can talk you through it. If you want.”

“Talk me through it?”

“If you’re comfortable. I mean, we don’t have to – “

“No, I just… you mean you want me to keep going. And you…”

“Talk you through it.”

“Talk me through it. While I touch myself.”

Maggie’s breath hitches. “That’s the basic idea, Danvers.”

“That would be… fun for you?”

Maggie’s eyes rake up and down Alex’s body and she takes a long, slow breath. “Yeah. Yeah, it definitely would.”

Alex’s voice is small when she answers, but god, is she sure.

“Okay then.”


“Yes. Please?”

“So what um… what were you thinking about? Or what do you want me to tell you about?”

Alex purses her lips and Maggie kisses her temple. “It’s okay, babe, we don’t have to – “

“I want you to tell me a fantasy you have. About us. I mean, if you have any, you don’t have to, it’s okay if you don’t, I – “

“Danvers, you want me to talk to you while you touch yourself for me or not?”

Alex hisses and Maggie grins.

“So um… that’s a yes?”

“Please Maggie?”

“Okay. You tell me if what I say isn’t hot for you, I can change it, okay? So um… sometimes I think about… uh… Fuck, um.”

Alex bites her lip for her, her eyes wide, her hips starting to move on her own fingers again, and it’s all the inspiration Maggie needs.

“Sometimes I think about having you strip for me, like you did the week after our first Valentine’s Day.”

“You liked that?” Alex asks breathlessly.

“God yeah. So I think about having you strip for me, in that little slip you have, dancing on me and… mmmm… Al, do you mind if I um… Can I – “

She gestures with her hand toward her own hips, and Alex squeaks. “Yes,” she pleads as Maggie grins and brings her hand down to her own boxers. She sighs with relief and lets her head drop back into the pillow before turning her face back to Alex.

To watch Alex.

“And I think about how I wanna bend you over the couch – color?”

“Green, fuck, Mags.”

“Excellent. So uh… I wanna bend you over the couch… our couch… and I don’t want you to strip completely. I wanna fuck you while you’re still wearing that little slip, while that black thong you have is still on.”

Alex whines at the rasp in Maggie’s voice, her hips rising and falling onto her hands quicker now, quicker and harder.

“I wanna slip my fingers inside you from behind – god I love how wet you get for me – do you wanna do that now, babe, do you wanna fuck yourself for me?”

Alex lifts her hips and pushes aside her underwear in answer, moaning out a sigh of relief when she feels how soaked Maggie’s already made her.

“Tell me what to do?” she asks, and Maggie shudders through a sharp groan.

“Slip two fingers at once inside yourself, babe, just like you like me to do to you.”

Alex whines and Alex thrashes, and Maggie slips her fingers into the slit of her own boxers.

“Damn it, Danvers,” she rasps, and Alex grins somewhat cockily through her Maggie-induced haze.

“What should I do next, Maggie?” she begs, and Maggie practically growls.

“Put your palm on your clit, babe, and bring your ass up for me if you want. Cuz you know, this is me fucking you bent over the couch, right?”

Alex’s eyes squeeze shut as she swallows a scream and she does as she’s told. 

“More?” she begs, and her hips are starting to thrash erratically.

“You wanna slip another finger in, show me how tight you are for, babygirl?” Maggie asks, and Alex cums, wrecked and unraveled and unrestrained, before she can even obey.

Maggie puts her hand on Alex’s back while Alex works herself through her orgasm, Maggie’s name on her breathless lips.

“You are so fucking gorgeous, Alex Danvers,” Maggie tells her, and god, does she mean it.

“I’m sorry,” Alex whispers as soon as she has enough breath, and Maggie’s brow furrows in the depths of her confusion.

“What – “

“I came too soon, you weren’t done with your story or with… with yourself. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, Alex, no, no, babe, you never have to apologize for feeling pleasure, okay? That’s the point, that’s literally the point: you feeling good, okay? If that takes two minutes or three hours, if you wanna take all that time to cum once or to cum as many times as you can count, that’s okay. Everything you want is okay. And hot. Also hot. You’re very hot. Did I mention you’re hot? God, I sound like you.”

“Mmmm, are we gonna be that couple that starts talking like each other?”

“It’s quite possible, Danvers. You’re pretty alluring.”

Alex beams and sighs as she slips her fingers out of her body, wiping them on her pajama pants before shifting closer to Maggie and bringing her hands, her lips, to Maggie’s face.

“I am, aren’t I?”

Maggie chuckles at her beautiful, perfect nerd and kisses her slow, soft, with parted lips and an open heart, until they both drift back to sleep.

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Hey I'm the praise+restraint kink anon😅 well alex has the praise kink and is restrained

It’s the middle of the night and Alex can’t sleep.

She tosses and she turns and she sighs and she bites her lip and she tries to run through the astrophysics equations that used to soothe her to sleep in college, but nothing’s working, nothing’s working, nothing’s working, because Maggie’s sleeping, but all she wants… all she wants is Maggie. Her hand starts to skate down her stomach and under her pajama pants, and she whines slightly before she can stop herself.

“Alright there, Danvers?” Maggie rasps sleepily, and Alex jumps slightly.

“I’m so sorry, did I wake you? I didn’t – “

But Maggie is rearing up on her elbow and squinting into the darkness at Alex’s face, and a slow smile is growing on her lips as her eyes rake down Alex’s needy body.

“Something you want, Danvers?”

Alex’s breath hitches and she licks her lips and she stares wide eyed as Maggie’s body wakes fully, as she documents every piece of Alex’s desire just by looking at her, just by reading her like her favorite book.

And Alex hasn’t the faintest idea how, but Maggie reads her perfectly.

“You wanna be a good girl and strip for me? Not that I don’t love your pajamas, I do, but um… I wanna touch what’s underneath them.”

Alex gasps softly and does as she’s asked, lifting her hips so she can drag her pajama pants and thong down off her ankles, sitting up slightly so she can drag Maggie’s henley over her head.

Maggie growls deep in her throat, and Alex’s hips roll of their own accord.

“You are so beautiful, Ally.”

“Maggie, I – “

“I know. I’m gonna give you everything you want, okay?”

Alex nods desperately, her hips continuing to roll into the air, because she needs Maggie, needs her, needs her.

“Get on your stomach,” Maggie asks, and Alex complies eagerly, willingly, desperately.

Maggie kisses the back of her neck tenderly, softly, lovingly.

“Color, sweetie?”

“Green, Mags, green.”

Maggie grins and shucks off her own shirt, her own underwear, carelessly tossing them to the side. Her focus isn’t on herself. It’s on the gorgeous woman laying underneath her.

She kisses every inch of her bare back, every freckle and every birth mark, every scar and every stretch mark, until Alex is breathless just from her tender kisses, until Alex is whining and desperate and wrecked just from Maggie’s worshiping.

“Something more you want, Al?” Her voice is husky and Alex whines and grinds her hips down into the bed at the sound of it.

“You,” she begs, and Maggie smiles.

“Good girl, Alex, I love when you tell me what you want. You wanna do a great job for me and tell me exactly what you want me to do to you?”

Alex loses her breath but Maggie paints kisses across her shoulders, runs gentle hands up and down her sides, and Alex pants her answer out. “Tie me down and do what you want with me.”

Maggie tosses her head back and groans and she knows Alex is smiling from the effect her words are having.

“How do you ask, gorgeous girl?”

Alex whines and grinds her hips down hard into the bed.

 “Please, Maggie. Please?”

“Your wish is my command, princess.”

She leans over to their nightstand and pulls a pair of cuffs out of the drawer, and Alex whimpers as Maggie pauses with them just above Alex’s hands, which are sprawled out above her head.

“Color?” she rasps.

“Green, green, please, please.”

The cuff snap closed and Maggie checks meticulously to make sure they’re not too tight, kissing above and below Alex’s wrists before shifting back down her body to continue her ministrations.

“What I want with you, huh?” she asks, and Alex whimpers again.

She runs a finger down Alex’s inner thigh, and Alex barely contains a scream.

“Oh, be a good girl and let me know how you’re feeling. Don’t hold back, baby, I love your voice, I love when you scream for me.”

She accompanies her words with slipping her hand underneath Alex’s body, soaking herself in Alex’s clit, and Alex lets go for her.

Maggie groans under Alex’s unrestrained scream.

“Good girl, darling, you sound so fucking amazing. Do you want me to come inside you baby?”

“Whatever you want.” Alex’s voice is wrecked and Maggie loves it, but she’s not ready to give in, not yet.

“Be my best girl and tell me what you want.”

Alex screams at that, slams her hands down into Maggie’s palm at that.

“My clit,” Alex gasps. “Pressure, you, I need…”

Maggie grins and nods and complies. “Good girl, Ally, you’re perfect. I love when you tell me what you need, babe, it’s so sexy. You’re so sexy, you’re so fucking perfect for me.”

Alex moans and tugs at her cuffs and Maggie stops immediately.

“You okay, babe?”

“Yeah, yeah, god, Maggie, don’t stop, please.”

Maggie obeys, grinding her palm up into Alex’s clit as Alex slams her hips down, down, harder, faster, soaking Maggie’s hand with how turned on she is, dripping all over for her and making Maggie nearly lose control.

She stops, stops, stops, because she needs to breathe, because she’s so turned on by this woman, this woman naked and on her stomach and cuffed and writhing and begging underneath her.

“Mags, you’re not gonna hurt me,” Alex reassures her, but Maggie remains frozen.

“I love when you’re this turned on, babe. We can stop, we can always stop, if you want, of course, but Maggie, you don’t… you don’t have to be scared. I want you. I want you to be able to let go. I want you to do what you want to me. Please, Mags. If you want.”

Maggie does want. She wants so badly that she can barely rasp out the words she has planned for Alex next.

“God, babe, you are so fucking wet me for me, do you have any idea how hot you are?”

“Fuck, Ally, that’s right, be a good girl and rock your ass back for me, just like that, good girl, good girl.”

“I love when you scream my name like that, Danvers, I love knowing you’re mine.”

“Wanna be my best girl, my only girl, and cum for, Ally?”

And she does, she does, she does, screaming and writhing and begging and cursing and pleading, but the words that surprise them both aren’t the filthy strings of curses or the screaming of Maggie’s name while she rocks through her orgasm.

The words that surprise them both are the words she says as Maggie unlocks her cuffs and kisses her wrists tenderly, gently, lovingly.

“I wanna be yours like this forever, Maggie Sawyer.”

“Well then you will be, Danvers. You will be.”


nisha & mags, 2 very fashionable gals

i didnt know which version is better the contrasted or the dimmed down one
whichever one is better 4 ur eyes i guess lol