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Sinnamon: Hey can I have some sakē too?? (I promise I won't tell~)

“Sorry, kid but while I think everyone should be able to try things out in a safe environment… I have to say no, I cannot give a child alcohol.–but we can still chill if you want.  I think I’ve got some passes for karaoke so you can invite your Mint friend.”

[Thank you! and I hope I drew Cinnamon okay!–also if Cinnamon isn’t a child lemme know, I just assumed after looking through your blog ahaha]


In their colorful collection of architectural photography, artistic couple Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda playfully interact with buildings around the world.

Citing the street as their favorite workplace and the whole world as their canvas, Valencia-based couple Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda inventively interact with architecture. When paired with their love of travel, this playful interest culminates in a quirky and creative collection of photos that’ll make you look twice.


No, it’s you.


cheesy metaphor for freedom aside, look, they have plenty in common and would be adorable friends, dont look at me

  • me fall semester: wakes up at precisely 6am each morning, uses a planner, color codes notes, interacts with peers, has an overall positive outlook for the future
  • me spring semester: lying face down on the floor surrounded by overdue assignments, fiber one brownie crumbs stuck to my face, not sure if it's wednesday or sunday, waiting for the sweet release of death

hey btw im claiming red velvets red flavor as a new fresh lesbian anthem, hettys stay away…


                                                   Eleanor died fighting. So will I.


Decided to participate on JuminZenWeek~ this tsundere Demon!Zen and gap moe Vampire!Jumin. Thanks to @snow-chibi for the idea^^ but tbh idk what i am doing lol this sums up juzen relationship in my mind tho like jumin knows zen is allergic to cats but still bring elly anyway lol actually zen doesn’t mind to join him drinking tho but well he just can’t be honest and psst elly has tiny wings😆

Day 4: Alternate Universe // Hanbok 


I used this demon generator thingy and did a new oc

Atilio and other demons call him ‘Fratris’, he doesn’t tell his name to anybody for the fact that he doesn’t like it/doesn’t want to say it. Atilio started calling him that way cos he is like a big brother to him. Fratris had to take care of him at the beginning when Atilio became a demon, so he stayed around him teaching him stuff and training him.

When Atilio fails killing Daren, he decides to stay and not go back to hell, because then he’d get killed for not fulfulling the order that he got. Fratris is the only one that is close to Atilio so he goes to him and finds out that Atilio discovered many stuff about himself, and about humans (it was the first time Atilio got out of hell) Fratris doesn’t really like humans, he gets mad at Atilio for staying for too long around them. 

Atilio talked with Daren about this, that if he doesn’t come back with him dead, someone is going to search him and bring him back. Daren promised him that he’d protect him if this happens. When Fratris comes to them Daren knows it’s for trouble, but even if Atilio showed him that Fratris is a close friend, he wouldn’t hasitate to fight.

Fratris and Atilio never liked hell and how they were treated. Fratris is a servant, he had to do many stuff that he didn’t/doesn’t like/d to do, so of course he thougt about running away. Being around Atilio made him feel less bad about the stuff he did, he even sees him as a little brother. When he realizes what happened with Atilio on earth, he gets mad yes, but Atilio tries to convince to stay and trust Daren and the rest of the group. Fratris doesn’t like the plan but he wants to be free.