color ink wash

Woah this is the first transparent image I’ve ever done!!

So, I put off watching the Gravity Falls finale for a while because I didn’t want to face that it was over… But when I did watch it I was glad, because it was perfect. I will miss seeing new episodes of this show that has been both created and received with such love. But I’m so happy Hirsch and his team got to end it right. I may have cried, but at the end I was smiling!! 

Theodas with the Book of Magic and the Devil

Follower of Hans Schilling (German, active 1459 - 1467)
from the Workshop of Diebold Lauber (German, active 1427 - 1467)

Hagenau, Alsace, France (formerly Germany)

1469 Ink, colored washes, and tempera colors on paper

the getty

FlameCon - June 13th and HeroesCon - June 19-21 Lists are now open! :)

  • Email me at with the convention name in the title.
  • 11x14″ watercolor paper, full body.
  • $300 full color watercolor 
  • $200 BW ink wash 
  • Must pick up at the con, no pieces will be shipped out.
  • Payment options detailed upon confirmation of placement on the list

We can do any character you like, from any genre and media, and feel free to give me all the direction/photo reference you’d like.  Let’s doooo this.

Sorry for not posting much lately, I’ve had a number of large projects on my plate that aren’t postable, but I finally had some time to sketch this past weekend so I’ll be putting them up over the next few days. Here’s a what I wore from Friday. I literally had a nightmare last night that I looked up and it was already fall and I had missed the entirety of spring and summer. It filled me with panic.


I wanted also to say hello to all you new followers I’ve gotten in my absence – hello!! Welcome to my little doodle blog. Please don’t mind the mess as I redesign my theme…I’ve decided to hand-edit some of the CSS? Which is kind of a bad idea…but oh well, I’m going to be picking at it over the next week or so, so expect it to look like ass in the meantime. ;3