color in history

Here are some fall colors that won’t fade away. At Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, 200-million-year-old petrified logs lie strewn across rolling clay hills. Each piece is like a giant quartz crystal. As impurities like iron and carbon oxidized, they permanently colored these ancient trees shades of red, yellow and purple. It’s a rare and beautiful sight that you’ve got to see for yourself. Photo by National Park Service.

Hand-colored tintype portrait of three unidentified African American women, c. 1856.

Source: Harvard Library.

Chart of colours based upon Benson’s ‘cube of colours’: sections at right angles with the primary axes of the cube. // Illustration for the monograph Principles of the science of colour concisely stated to aid and promote their useful application in the decorative arts by William Benson (Chapman & Hall, London, 1868)


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Bering Land Bridge National Preserve in Alaska erupts with color during the short fall season. You can find more than gorgeous views and amazing wildlife here, though. Field research continues to uncover evidence of prehistoric animals and the first people to settle the continent. Photo by Katie Cullen, National Park Service.