color guard rifle

Tips for living alone

Buy a bat (I have my old color guard rifle) or similar. Keep it in your room/near your bed.

Get a lock for your bedroom door.

If you’re moving into a new place, change the locks. Who knows who had a key to your place before you.

Keep your phone/a phone in your room.

Get a weather alert system set up. App, weather call, little weather radio that tells you about major weather events.

Adopt a pet

Wave at your neighbors. Take note of the ones that make you uneasy. Watch out for kids always.

Be nice to your mail person. No matter what.

If you choose to drink/etc alone, unplug your wifi router. You’ll thank me.

Have extra seating. People sit when they visit. Your one comfy chair is great for you. Not so great for you + grandma + ur five cousins, your aunt, and a couple others.

Learn the self-Heimlich

When you take a shower, bring your phone yo the bathroom in case you fall your phone is no longer halfway across the house, it’s just on your counter


Idk what else


Some creepy dude who eats lunch with us in my teachers room is in band with me (I am in colorguard, he’s in sax) totally just lost the little bit of respect I had for him.
I was like ‘yeah I’m trying out for colorguard section leader. I hope to connect the colorguard more with the band, because we are a huge part of it.’ and he, almost IMMEDIATELY, said
“Colorguard isn’t a part of the band, they’re just there so they have something to do the first half of the season. They’re just decorations.”
“Look, we are as much a part of band as your section is. Just because we don’t toot horns doesn’t mean we don’t contribute. We add effect to a show, we accent the music and showcase the talent of a band.”
“anyone can wave a flag around. I create actual art, actual music.”
“Listen here, you huge asshole. I don’t judge you for choosing an instrument that sounds like a cow prolapsing (intestines come out from vag) so don’t judge me for choosing to 'wave a flag around’ or next season, I’ll "accidentally” hit you so hard with a flag, your reed will stick out the back of your neck.“
then, a few minutes later,
"Hey, I want to apologize-”
“I don’t care.”
“I want to say it was rude of me-”
“I don’t give a shit. You wanna talk to someone who cares? Well, you won’t find someone like that here.”
DO NOT let someone tell you that your passion isn’t worthwhile or unimportant. I refuse to accept his apology. He can suck me ass

My advice to every young color guard member is to enjoy your time. Enjoy the time you have spinning. Enjoy it when it is difficult, enjoy it when it is easy. During hundred-degree summer rehearsals, enjoy it. Take every moment and keep it close. Worry less about “better, better, better” and focus on letting your love for this sport improve you. You never get this time back.
—  color guard induction ceremony

Adventures in class:
We had a substitute in one of my classes today, so instead of doing our work I decided to show my guard friend Onyx’s 2014 show.

I had my guard tape on my desk- plot twist- when the sub walks by and goes “why do you have electrical tape?”

The answer, of course, is for color guard, but, not wanting to explain, I just said I always had it on me. He says “yeah, me too, but why?”

So I say color guard. I was not expecting his answer to be “me too” but it was. I didn’t believe him at first, but he insisted. The next question, of course, was “who do you spin for.”

Onyx. Freaking Onyx.


I met someone from Onyx Winter Guard. He exists in REAL LIFE!

  • Teacher: I know that there is only 4 days of school left... But don't forget that you still have 2 exams, 8 worksheet packets, an essay, a powerpoint, and a book to finish.
  • Band Director: I know that marching season hasn't officially began, but I want to start practices early this year. So everyone needs to stay after school every day.
  • Mother: Since school is almost over, and band doesn't start yet, you must not be busy. So I need you to clean the entire house.
  • Father: I don't get to see you much, so I want to spend some quality time with you sometime this week after school.
  • Me: ...