Terrifying things said in my marching band

“Go back to set 1”

“Because the Trumpets won’t listen, we are running part 2 all the way through”

“Ok water break over!”

“I’m gonna try to jump over all the clarinets and flutes I can.”

“Did someone step on my instrument?”



“Holy shit the directors pissed!”

“This isn’t your jacket”


“a cheerleader broke a prop holy shit we’re walking on the field right now”

*starts performance* “DRUM MAJORS, IS YOUR BAND READY??”

“No I don’t need to count.”

“Watch me chug this Mountain Dew.”

“Guys…we can’t warm up before halftime because the refs won’t let us.”

“They cut funding again.”

marching band quick tips:
  • don’t lock your knees
  • drink water. so much water
  • if someone is going to back into you, move your instrument off to the side of your head
  • run. run to where the staff says to go, run to reset, run to get water. run
  • make sure you have an inhaler if you need one, and that it’ll get you through the season
  • sunscreen everywhere all the time. this includes your ears
  • learn to quickly switch from having fun to being intensely focused
  • your uniform will probably have a pocket in the pants, jacket, or both. put a handwarmer in this pocket on cold show days. if you play brass you can put your mouthpiece in there when you’re not playing, and regardless of instrument, you’ll be glad to have it when you’re off the field
  • if you compete, be nice to the other bands. tell them good luck or if you thought their show was cool. whoop and cheer when they do something cool
  • thank the parents
  • always double and triple check that both of your shoes are in your uniform bag. you wouldn’t believe how many shoe issues my band had this season
  • always hang your uniform up correctly and neatly in your bag
  • make the best of it; fall in love

I saw a high school marching band’s early spring rehearsal today.

I saw flourishes that cut a plane, and dropspins that rolled a flag.

I saw a whole line of freshman that could hardly count as a line, none of them in step.

I heard off tune notes, and section leaders who stopped playing saying “left, left, left”.

I saw a group of people who will eventually turn into a family.

I saw a group of kids, some who know what they’re getting into, some who don’t.

I saw the memories I have of being the terrible off beat one in the back, and the memories of working in the hot sun with people that would become those I loved.

And now I see a tear streaming down my face, because as terrible as these kids are, I know I’ll come back in the fall and be astounded by what they’ve accomplished.

I saw a high school marching band today.

  • friend: hey do you wanna chill with me later
  • me, a color guard intellectual: we don't chill 🙅🏻 too busy grindin 😈all day at practice 😤 💯 we out here spinnin 🏳 at band camp 🎺🎷🥁 every day hustlin 👊🏻 🏃🏻‍♀️

flag dancing…. really hampton… it’s called winter guard and it is fucking amazing. you could at the very least call it color guard.

if color guard is flag dancing then football may as well be called running ball catching. it’s not hard do some research, especially if you’re showing a dad going to his daughter’s competition he’s gonna know what it is fucking called

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