This is my favorite vine to ever exist.

Just imagine if hogwarts had a marching band

The color guard having the most extraordinary tosses and stunts, perfect every time.
The band kids annoying the shit out of the people they dont like by making their instruments follow them around playing their least favorite songs.
Band camp prank wars would go above and beyond the muggle ones ever could

You can thank mrvalenti2000 and I for this special message.

"You're naturally talented!"

Hahaha, yeah.

I’m naturally talented. I was born to do this.

I totally didn’t go home after practices, in tears and being angry with myself.

I totally didn’t go outside, in the scorching sunlight or in the pouring rain, either burning up or freezing, to practice.

I totally didn’t give myself a numerous amount of bruises or cuts and a busted lip, a broken tooth and a near black eye.

I totally didn’t cry at the thought of not being good enough.

I am just naturally talented, like you said.