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Would you say the dceu treat their poc right? (Apparently justice league is going to prove they are treated 'badly')

As far as how the actors feel I can mostly only speculate, but I assume you mean characters of color, in which case I’d say the track record is not stellar.

As excited as everyone was about Man of Steel includng General Swanwick and Perry White as positive black male authority figures, I really expected more progress in BvS because Man of Steel was still very white.  The casting in both MoS and BvS is a problem because it treats non-white characters as a backdrop. Including these characters and casting this way increases the realism of the film, but without allowing those individual characters to be much more than set peices that revolve around the white heroes of the peice. We need to fix that. 

  • For example, the crowd shots during the Black Zero event were pretty diverse compared to what we’ve come to expect from both the disaster movie and the superhero genre, but those characters don’t have names, and while I think the film is directed toward the audience sympathizing with them, they’re disposable backdrop at the end of the day.
  • BvS one-ups MoS with the Nairomi incident, offering a large number of jobs to underemployed black actors in roles where the characters are slaughtered as a ploy to harm Superman. It seems like General Amajagh is a truly fascinating character, and he has some really iconic lines, but we never even know what becomes of him. Viola Davis’ husband Julius Tennon appears in that scene, too, and then never again.
  • These roles need to expand past their utility to white characters, but some of the roles listed with actors of color on imdb are “Inmate thug,” “ Nairomian Crying Woman,” “Hostage Girl,” and “Island Diver.”
  • Even when the characters of color in these films are pushed toward the center we have problems. In the theatrical cut, Kahina Ziri merely disappears once she’s served as a mouthpeice for Lex and for the film’s major themes, but in the Ultimate Edition, she’s pushed infront of a subway train. Racebending Mercy Graves was one of my favorite decisions that this film made before they decided to give her two scenes and then blow her up to show how pitiless Luthor is. The man in the Gotham tenement who delivers the “there’s a new kind of mean in him” line isn’t even listed on the imdb page.

All of this, if you ask me, is a little more disturbing given that the most hiring they did for actors of color was for a film composed almost entirely of villains. I thought Suicide Squad was really fun, and I think a lot of the criticism it gets is bullshit, but I also think that Croc, El Diablo, Slipknot, and Katana deserved better than they got from that film. At least SS seemed to propose the idea that these characters stories were worth telling and that they were just as capable of heroism as our white centerpeices.

I do think that there are reasons to be hopeful, going forward, though, and I think that arguing that Justice League will “prove” that characters of color are treated badly in the dceu is pretty foolish, considering the fact that there’s no good reason Cyborg shouldn’t be the center of that narrative, and that Aquamomoa looks like he might even pull MY focus from casting a dewy eye to the horizon for red capes.

In particular, I’d like to see much more of Deadshot, Waller, and Katana, especially using Waller as a connective fiber for the universe. I still scream a little watching her after-credits scene with Bruce. I am pretty sure Wonder Woman is not as white as it seems from the trailers, but I have a feeling it’s still not gonna be progress. They need to do a lot more racebending and include more characters of color in these stories, which is why I think fancasts that don’t go for the obvious white fave and campaigns like #keepirisblack are really significant work that fandom can do. I hope the naysayers aren’t right. I want the dceu to welcome everyone.