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So finished the Captain Rolfe sketch. Hope you guys like it.

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‘American Samurai’

Two color guards and color bearers of the Japanese-American 100th Battalion, 442d Combat Team, stand at attention, while their citations are read. They are standing on ground in the Bruyères area, France, where many of their comrades fell. November 12 1944
(Bruyères is a commune in the Vosges department in Lorraine in northeastern France)

Through a series of costly battles—first in Italy, then in France—the 442nd Regimental Combat Team would become the most highly decorated unit of its size and length of service in the history of the U.S. Army, receiving an unprecedented 8 Presidential Unit Citations, 21 Medals of Honor, and 9,486 Purple Hearts.

The 4,000 men of the team who first went into action in 1943 had to be replaced three and a half times to make up for those who were killed, wounded, and missing in action. They helped win Japanese Americans’ personal battle as well, proving that their loyalty to the United States was beyond question. On July 15, 1946, the survivors of the 442nd marched down Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C., becoming the first military unit returning from the war to be reviewed by President Harry S. Truman. “You fought not only the enemy,” President Truman told them that day, “you fought prejudice, and you have won.”

(Photo source - US Signal Corps SC196716)

(Colorized by Jared Enos from the USA)

Contestshipping Week~ AU 

I re drew and added some tweaks to a Manga’s splash page that I really like because they remind me of May and Drew. (I made it a bit more anime looking than its Manga look to go better with Pokemon style).  It is called Shuukatsu if you would like to check it out; but, I do believe it is rated T-M so a warning just in case! It’s about a girl that is trying her best to get a job and the main guy teases her at first but he’s a really nice guy so I had no choice but to draw this because the way they act and look is just too similar for me : ) Happy Contestshipping Week and I might color this tomorrow we shall see! 

Men of ‘Easy Company’ 2nd Btn 506 PIR, 101st Airborne, celebrate V-E day in Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps, May 8 1945
(Easy Company arrived there on May 5th)

Left to right: Major Richard D. Winters, Captain Lewis Nixon, First Lieutenant Harry F. Welsh, First Lieutenant Thomas A. Peacock and Capt. Lloyd J. Cox.

(Colorized by Jared Enos from the USA)

US 3AD soldiers, Cpl. James L. Gregory and T/5 Omer G. Taylor of ‘C’ Company, 1st Battalion, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, 3rd Armored Division seek shelter behind a M-4 Sherman tank while under German Artillery bombardment at Geich, near Düren, Germany, on December 11 1944.
(Nb. Both soldiers survived the war)
(T/5 = Technician Fifth Grade)
(Source - US National Archives and Records Administration - 531225)
(Colorized by Jared Enos from the USA)

If any artist is looking for nice colored mechanical pencils, I strongly recommend Pilot’s Color Eno series. The colors are beautiful and they erase completely! I can’t find them in Mexico so I either buy them on Colombia or order them online, so they’re a bit expensive for me. If this applies to you, buy one at a time! :)


So I finally made a complete list of all my art supplies! First, let’s start with my sketchbooks.

  1. Daler-Rowney Earthbound Recycled Sketchbook (toned paper sketchbook). The paper is sturdy and I like the tone.
  2. (Second picture, left) Travelogue Hand Book large landscape in cadmium green. Good for light watercolor, and the texture is very nice. Plus, the covers’ colors are pretty.
  3. (Second picture, right) Daiso sketchbook. Very cheap, the paper is thin but can absorb drawing pen ink quite well.
  4. Fabriano watercolor pad 300gsm/140lbs. It’s very small and rather expensive, but it’s the first 300gsm watercolor pad I can find that doesn’t tear my wallet into pieces, so.

Some picture of the insides of the book (starting from the Daler-Rowney to Fabriano)

Next is everything there is in my pencil pouch.

These are my drawing pens. From left to right: Snowman 0.05 Drawing Pen, Zebra 01 Millipen, and Stabilo point 88. I usually use Snowman 0.05 for serious linearts, and the rest I use when I doodle and sketch.

These are the brush pens I use. From left to right: Pentel brush pen, some Chinese brand that I honestly can’t read, and Copic brush pen.

These are Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pens. I don’t really like them and the nib wears easily, but I still keep them around anyway.

White pen, the brand is Uni-Ball Signo. I don’t really like it since the ink doesn’t run smoothly. Plus, it’s sort of expensive.

These are the pencils I use, plus the leads and the eraser. The leads from left to right: pilot color eno (red) and Pilot 0.5 2B. The pencils from left to right: I don’t know the exact brand but I think it’s Uni, and the second one is Pilot Color Eno 0.7. The eraser is from Faber-Castell.

This is the watercolor set I use for uncomplicated doodles. It’s Sakura Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box. It comes with a palette, a medium-sized waterbrush, and tiny sponges. I also bought a large-sized extra waterbrush.

This is my mom’s watercolors and brushes. She doesn’t really use them anymore so these days I use them when I want to make something with lots of wash and different colors. I can’t really specify one by one, but the watercolors are mostly Winsor & Newton, and the brushes are mostly Cotman.

These are the tools that I use most often. One thing to note is that I simply use these because they’re the cheapest ones I can find around me (without abandoning quality, of course). Also, it’s important to remember that these are the tools that work for me. What works for you might be different. So feel free to use this as reference, but don’t follow it word by word!

Also, feel free to ask me if you have some questions about these tools. I will always be happy to answer. :)