color eno

So finished the Captain Rolfe sketch. Hope you guys like it.

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If you have any request on what to draw feel free to message me.

You can feel the fucking sparkle. Damn, it’s like I only befriend beautiful people. And then there’s me. The potato friend. (even if I feel more like Ginger…) but, this isn’t about me, this is about one of my beautiful friends and the skills of another an how I was driven by a mysterious force. So here is @thecaellis drawn after a picture of @silariaarts . Jep. It’s absolutely Not finished jet, but I have to show it to ya…. Even if you’re not many.

This was supposed to be a fan art of Xiao Yu from Tekken but I messed up. Hehe.. I failed in the logo of her dress T_T Plus the scanner killed the color because it didn’t make the shadow visible. Maybe because I used gel pen. The scanned drawing looks dull,too, that’s why I already adjusted the curves and level through cs5.

It was an unfinished artwork actually, I decided not to continue because I get stressed with the logo. LOL! As you can see, I didn’t draw the other legs and as a result, the body looks disproportionate.. Harr. But, thanks to color eno 0.70 color lead because I did good in line art now, they are not messy anymore, unlike when I used the usual mechanical pencil lead.

I will draw another again. Hehe. I will never give up! :o Well, I don’t care about other people saying that my hobbies are too childish. Instead of doing bad things, I want to enjoy what I love.

Next is Leixia or ChunLi. And sorry for grammar if ever I have mistakes. I just wanted to improve my English. Thank u! :D