color engineering

  • what i expected going into see Logan: a bloody gory action packed Wolverine film with zero chill and maximum violence
  • what i got: a father/ son father/daughter roadtrip flick through children of men stylescape of dystopian heartbreak that deals with issues of human trafficking and the exploitation of women of color's bodies and genetic engineering ethics that made me cry multiple times

You can tell by the end I didn’t even bother with the background anymore. I also felt this was getting too silly haha ha
_:(´□`」 ∠):_
Heavily inspired by this: x because it was such a cute thing (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♥ (and i said i was going to make a comic,so…yeah XD)

I hope you guys like it~ \(///Σ///)\;;;

(the last page has pretty small font in some places, so it’s better to open it in a new tab)


Here you go guys! The full package! Includes all 9 RED!classes’ color palettes, AND BLU!classes’ color palettes! 

Also, Pyro’s skin was from the unmasked Pyro images on Google.

Yes, some classes’ BLU color palettes are missing. I couldn’t fit it, but I might upload an extra color palette somewhere on my tumblr sometime.

Part 4/?: Hephaestus/Vulcan as an Orange from Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy.

(I kind of got carried away with this one, but hey I think it turned out pretty cool. Plus it’s the complete opposite of Part3 so I enjoyed the juxtaposition. Enjoy!)

Welcome to the Freakshow Part 1: Limited Time Offer

   (Gore, blood, violence, yadda yadda)

   The travelling circus is in town and has positions opened! Sir Wilford Warfstache is gathering recruits, whether it be runaways, drifters or maybe a little voulenteer service.

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Here you go guys! The full package! Includes all 9 RED!classes’ color palettes, AND BLU!classes’ color palettes!

+Offense, Defense, and Support!

All nine classes (Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, and Spy) © Valve, Team Fortress 2

Classes’ color palette references © OtakuGamerGeekGirl


Hi shi562 here~ 

I edited this to be more accurate, as I found that a lot was missing on otakugamergeekgirl’s palettes. The only two I didn’t change were Spy and Scout. I hope they don’t mind that I fixed this up a little as I am taking no credit for the original, I just made a few edits. I do believe that on Demo’s palette I forgot to put the brighter yellow for his grenades, as BLU has a more yellowy color where as RED has a more orangeish, I wanted to include patches but I didn’t, it would of taken up more room and I didn’t want to edit this too much. any way hope this helps artists out there!