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Journaling for Otherkin/Therians 3

Update on how that month-long journaling experiment went: pretty well. Here’s my thoughts/commentary:

Image 1: Emotion guide color chart and basic shift tracker. I’m pretty sure the dream shifts were a direct result of me having this journal in the back of my mind all month, so they’re pretty scattered. Phantom shifts remain my most regular type of shift, occurring daily. Mental shifts are a little more nuanced to keep track of, and sometimes I’d debate whether to just mark a certain strong emotion or say it was a full mental shift.

Image 2: The Lucifer emotion chart. These are strong emotions I felt in my daily life, and were directly related to thinking about something in a Lucifer context or from the point of view of a mental shift. Most common emotions I feel in this context are restlessness, sorrow, peace, and pride.

Image 3: The regular emotion chart. These are strong emotions I felt in my daily life unrelated to being Lucifer. Thanks to all my friends, I laugh a lot, most of the amusement marks are from laughing until I cried. Most common emotions here are amusement, frustration, joy, and peace.

What I found particularly interesting is that all of the emotions that I did not feel as often as Lucifer, I felt regularly, and all of the emotions I did not feel regularly were more often felt in a Lucifer context, and felt often enough that you can clearly see the shift in focus.