color efect


(That Flowey text won’t be on the actual comic :P)

Just ending sketching the texts of the next Edit!tale page. Now, time to grab the Medibang paint, do the panels, lineart, color, background color, shadows, lighning and efects of the page and DONE! (I hope ending this today :T)

anonymous asked:

But how would you breed for color? Just take a black colored pigeon + a white colored and maybe get a black+white pidge. Or maybe only black or only white. I've taken biology, but I don't know how color works. Is it a "this color is dominate" type thing or I think it was called Co dominance where both traits are shown?

Pigeons have a VAST library of colors that range from autosomal Dominant to partial dominant to recessive, dominant or recessive sex linked colors, and a crapton of modifiers that act like adding a genetic snap chat filter over the base color!

Ringnecks are a lot simpler with only about nine individual mutations that can be mixed and matched for all kinds of gorgeous effects!

Once you know what you have, you can blend colors, patterns, and efects all kinds of ways!