color cycling

This is a piece of pixel artwork done in 1994 by Mark Ferarri. It was one of several within a calendar application; a type of program that was popular before Windows incorporated similar functions in their OS.

Of note, was how each image would cycle through day and night as well as other animations, to bypass the limited CPU power of the day and a restriction to a 256-colour palette a technique called ‘colour cycling’ was used. This involved shifting the colour of pixels of a certain colour into another, through the use of coding, a process which was virtually instantaneous, rather than taking the time to render an entire new image.

It took Mark anywhere up to 3 weeks to create a single one of these images (working on them 8 to 14 hours a day)


Elvish Falls – Morning / Rain / Afternoon / Twilight · Mark Ferrari created these super beautiful pixel art images and programmer Joseph Huckaby alias Canvas Cycle made wonderful loops from them. Check out the interactive demos. More info at – Tech Aesthetiks, Komputer Kuriosities, Apple Beauties and Techno Age Dreams

Here are some Adam Parrish hard of hearing headcanons, feel free to add your own!!

  • Ronan dreams him up a hearing aid so he doesn’t have to worry
  • People often forget he’s HoH because he can read lips really well 
  • When Ronan dreams Cabeswater back, he can hear the forest 
  • He swears he can sometimes hear Noah and Persephone in his bad ear 
  • Ronan always knows where to stand so Adam can hear him, no matter what 
  • Gansey is constantly on the wrong side, and he apologizes so much Adam is pretty sick if it

I guess the updates have slowed down until we have some actual gameplay to show, but the art guys stay busy.

The waving on the leaves was actually a total fluke: I went over them with the smooth tool while the cycling was turned off and didn’t realize the program was going to be blending in colors from the cycling range, decided to run with it. HAPPY ACCIDENTS