color curls


Idk what they’re called but these trees inspire me because their leaves only turn this color in the spring, otherwise they’re green

Happy Mother’s Day , Nature 🌸


“Have some fire.
Be unstoppable.
Be a force of nature.”

It's strange..

The amount of products i see geared toward natural haired black women that have the name curly in it.. Curling puddings, jellies, etc.. Like, to me it seems that there’s a push to sell products that inadvertently promise curls.. But, not all natural hair has a curl pattern, so it’s strange..

Then i see all these natural hair blogs and IG pages and there’s nothing but people who look like me with 3c hair and it’s like.. Where’s the dark skinned people? Where’s the 4c haired people?

It’s strange cuz the natural hair movement was supposed to be about rejecting white beauty standards and embracing ourselves as we are… But colorism is still there.