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Is anybody else bothered that we don't know why Lucas wears so many blue shirts nor does he seem aware he wears so many? Reasons we need another season

Are we not also bothered (or at the very least, extremely curious about it) that Zay only seems to wear color coordinated layered plaid shirts every single day?

Reasons we need another season of Girl Meets World, #3461

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Hey do you have any useful animal crossing tutorials? Stuff to help you decorate your town, make clothes, etc?

hi there cutie pie! i’m not sure i understand the question.. but i’m gonna try to guess! 。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚

i don’t use any tutorials on decorating my town and i use other people’s QR codes for outfits! i also don’t really know of any tutorials, as i’ve never looked for them haha! @mayor-aby always has some pretty awesome tutorials though, so maybe she’ll have what you’re looking for!

if you’re asking for tips, all that i would say is to make sure your town is making you happy. it doesn’t have to be color coordinated, it doesn’t have to be hacked, it doesn’t have to have all of your dreamies or the most popular villagers. heck, you should hack if you want to! just make sure what you’re doing is making you happy. if you’re happy with your town, that’s good enough. c:

ack i hope i helped you a little bit!! if i didn’t, shoot another ask my way and i’ll answer it as soon as i can! ily and have a nice day ♡♡

tfc characters as things my teachers have done

dan: making a kid who forgot to do his homework run a lap inside the school

kevin: pouring alcohol into a cup of coffee in front of the entire class

andrew: calling a student “little fucker”, attempting to banish him (didn’t work)

matt: handing out candy every single week for a year

aaron: allowing all students to skip class because we were being annoying

allison: having an outfit so color coordinated that even her name matches

nicky: watching les intouchables literally 5 times in one year. that’s about 20 lessons dedicated to watching the same movie.

renee: compulsory cake day once a week, where one student brings cake for the rest and everyone has cake

neil: turning up 10 minutes late for every lesson for 3 years straight

jeremy: making every ‘o’ a smiley

jean: speaking another language for 3 weeks without the students knowing that they also speak the students’ native language

riko: resembling a rat

Blitzen appreciation post

- fashionable


-loves Hearth

-misses his dad

-calls people only 4 years younger than him “kid”

-overuses the word “buddy”

-color coordination

-enchants a very big bag


-really doesn’t enjoy being a demigod

-”born with a target on his back”

-loves ducks

-bad under pressure (”defaults to waterfowl”)

-thinks he’s awful at crafting but managed to build Hearth the sunbed to save his life

-learned a language solely to make friends with Hearthstone

-suggests the runes meant “toolshed” instead of “bloodshed”

-will fucking fight Junior

-is offended magnus thinks taylor swift is a human (definitely likes taylor swift)

-joined the service of an immortal severed head for reasons we still don’t really know

-tall enough to pass as a very, VERY short human & is proud of it

-doesn’t like his overbearing mother


-loves fashion & values being neat but lived on the streets for two years (still for reasons we don’t know enough about)

-runs his own shop

-constantly filled with self-deprecating thoughts

-talks to Hearth even when Hearth can’t see his lips (”move over, you tent hog” “stop stepping on my toes. have you put on weight? no, lead with your left foot, you silly elf. there you go”)

-gives hearth his jacket in the tent

-”my elf”

-tells hearth it’s ok to let him die instead of going back to his abusive family

-once charged into battle wielding a traffic sign that read “make way for ducklings.” expected to die, but tried anyway

-best boy who isn’t appreciated enough


11.06.2016 /// One of my favorite things to do on a cloudy Sunday morning is tie back my curtains, sip on some coffee, and just relax. And I color-coordinated my bookshelves the other day and brought out my Christmas decorations, so it’s even better!

“girlfriend? no not really my area”
“theres all sorts round here”
“for you and for your date”
“may we expect a happy announcement”
“just once would have been nice” “i was waiting til we got married” “that was never gonna happen” “yeah”
“i know what kind of man you are”
“the fairer sex is your department”
“youre the expert on women”
“you repel me”
“what happened to the lipstick? i thought it was a big improvement. your mouth’s too..small now”
“something in the media going by the frankly ALARMING shade of pink”
“look at her hair! she color coordinates her lipstick and her shoes, shed never leave anywhere looking like that”
“gay. i mean, hey”
“this is just losing”


Sisters in the sand, Daughters of the dust || 

Brown girls on white sands; desert dancing, soul cleansing, synchronized swimming, carpooling, piano playing, nature walking, color coordinating, sanging, zooming, laughing, crying, LOVING and most importantly celebrating the beautiful soul that is @saintrecords Earth Day. We love you Solo. Welcome to 30 #thephotoembargoisover 

- Shiona Turini