color club harp on it


I have a love hate relationship with black nail polish. I love, love, love black polish. I love how it looks, when painted on well. I hate, hate, hate painting it on my nails. It goes one of 2 ways for me: flawless application or tragic disaster.
I absolutely love silver holo over black. So I took on the challenge. If you are looking for an intensely pigmented, mainstream, holo polish, there is only one choice, in my opinion. It is Harp On It from Color Club. You can watermarble and stamp with it. It also makes a beautiful gradient mani.
Yep. I love this mani.

Incase anybody was unsure, color clubs silver holographic polish “harp on it” stamps beautifully omo I have no idea why it never occurred to me to try and stamp with a holographic polish before today but I am loving this rock star mani! Base color is “lights out” by China Glaze ♡


Color Club - Harp On It

This shade is a beautiful radiant holographic silver that shimmers like a rainbow in direct sunlight and turns into a superb cool silver indoors. The formula is perfection in a bottle! It is heavenly. A one-coater baby! Yes it is! I have not stamped with it but I am sure that it has good stamping potential. Here are a couple of pictures in different lighting and a macro shot of its holographic goodness. Enjoy.


Upcycle Your Mani Day

Remember earlier this week, I was wearing the superb holographic polish Harp On It by Color Club . Well it was time to either take it off or upcycle it. I was thinking maybe I would stamp over it but then I remembered I had a lot of nail foil that I hadn’t tried yet. Got a super deal around Christmas time at the Born Pretty Store. Found in my stash two beautiful indigo and teal rolls that really complimented each other and my holographic base. This combo ended up being a bit too flashy for my taste and I needed to tone it down a bit. So, using the dry brush technique, I applied sparingly Revlon Knockout a real smoky almost black grey… That did the trick. But since I can’t stop myself once I’m on a roll, I dried brush a bit of OPI My Gecko Does Tricks. Bam! Now, I’m happy.

Quick tip: when using nail foils stay away from the Seche Vite or other fast drying top coats. They will crinkle your foil to oblivion. Instead, I use a clear nail polish, not a base coat, a clear polish like Sally Hansen Invisible.

So that’s it for today, hope you like this look. Have a great day!