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I’m not a psychic. And apparently I’m not much of a banshee either. But I’m trying to help my friends. I don’t know if you can hear me. Or, uh, what I’m supposed to ask you. But if I have this thing, it’s got to work some of the time. It’s gotta help someone. 

The sound of the summer rain that began to fall, and the sound  of stepping on fallen leaves,  it was you who were listening to it besides me.

Be everything you want to be. (insp)

Jack x Undertale

I love Jack’s Undertale playthrough so far.
Oh yeah, I “collabed” (??) with @cheesecake-is-great. We had a shite ton of fun drawing this
Oh yeah, congrats on your 2000th video. Here’s to another 2000 ╮(^▽^)╭
(P/s: If you see this Jack, my friend wanna say hi, but she’s really busy with volunteering stuff. So hi :D)