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“That’s not even how it works. That means YOU go back to start oh my god Yugi you said he’d be better, you said it wouldn’t happen again”

AU where the gang has game night every week, but Yami takes it WAY too seriously and ruins it for everyone else.


HERE IT IS THE FULL-COLORED VERSION OF MY AQUAMARINE COVER!!!! Thank you to my wonderful, talented girlfriend Maui for coloring this lovely piece because I can’t color fer SHIT. Aaaand there it is guys!

Chapter 4 will be uploaded either tonight or tomorrow, cheers!


@buzz-cat​ asked: Can I prompt Darcy x Tony with the soulmate AU, but with the idea that you can’t see whatever color their eyes are until you meet them? (ex. can’t tell what color the ocean is until you meet your blue-eyed soulmate)?

Here’s a different take on the soulmate au – not just with seeing color as the soulmate-indicator, but also with the writing style of this prompt being a little more introspective. A bit cheesy and fluffy, but it’s a nice break from the darkness of the previous prompt and all the angst that came before. Thanks for prompting!

When Tony made the Mark I of the Iron Man suit, he chose hot rod red and goldenrod yellow for the color scheme – flashy colors, bordering obnoxious, that he knew every single person could see. The point was to stand out, and when a good chunk of the world couldn’t see greens, or blues, or even browns – not that he’d ever choose those colors, but it was the principle of the thing that mattered – what use was there in picking those colors for his precious suit? 

Except… well, blues – he didn’t really know about blues. Pepper’s eyes were blue, but to Tony they looked a flat grey, odd against her bright hair and pale skin. To her, she couldn’t see browns, but Tony figured that there wasn’t much missed in a world like that. He was always more of a steel and glass kind of guy anyways, and since brown was likened to earth and wood most of the time, Tony always happily passed.

His own eyes were brown – dark brown, nearly black in fact, but he figured that his soulmate got the better end of the deal. He didn’t know what the sky, or the sea really looked like – all he saw were greys, shifting and sliding into purples and pinks and reds at dawn and dusk, and then into slate black at night. He’d asked Pepper to describe it  to him, but he couldn’t picture how a color could be both soothing and electric, or stormy and calm. It made no sense to him – if anything, blues sounded like they were the ultimate mood swing, with a spectrum broad enough to make anyone’s head spin.

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7 Little Troublemakers (BTS AU)

in celebration of hitting another hundred followers, i wrote this drabble that was also a personal request from my adorable marshmallow hyacinth-ink(i’m sorry this oneshot IS A MESS) ♥ although this will my last drabble for a while since school starts monday (kill me now) i seriously want to thank you all for showing me and my drabbles so much love. it’s been an amazing adventure and growing experience as a writer, and i can’t express just how grateful i am. TL;DR I LOVE YOU ALL ♥ (shout out to HQ, my loves, my lifelinfe, and my utter demise. love you fools.)


BTS x Reader

Observing the vibrantly colored classroom buzz with energy, you tiredly leaned back in your chair, an airy sigh escaping from your parted lips. Young energizer bunnies zoomed past the large cherry wood desk, shrieking with either exhilaration or terror as they chased one another round and round, blocks flying all over the place, papers crumpling and rustling noisily, giggles bubbling from the numerous sets of tiny lungs breathing in the air that smelled of waxy crayons and disinfectant wipes. The sight was so hectic and yet strangely heartwarming, and although you often found yourself sighing multiple times throughout the day due to the sheer exhaustion of it all, you knew you wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. Seeing their ecstatic grins, hearing their colorful laughter, gaping at how their little sponge-like minds soaked up so much more knowledge than you expected – these were the little joys you lived for.

You drew in a deep, calming breath, basking in the moment while it lasted. These moments of quiet reflection were rare for you, but whenever you had the chance, they served as a constant reminder as to why you loved your job. It was nice, to be able to drown out all the noise for a couple minutes, or even seconds, and take a breather. But your moment of peace was short lived as your eyes scanned the classroom at the sound of a feathery cry.

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Careful What You Wish For || seventhofthenine


Life was easy when you were spinning on top of the world. At least that’s what Mo thought when adrenaline made the world a bright, colorful buzz && money found it’s way into his pockets en masse. And it did on good days, earned with the comfort of a gun in his hands or by other means. One had to be resourceful — especially when you’d rather die than waste your life away in a boring, narrow minded work environment with colleagues that make you wanna retch and throttle them. … Mo was speaking out of experience here. It has been the first time he went to jail for after a meltdown at work, though he was released for rehabilitation just one year later after a comprehensive psychological assessment. Not that they should have but hey — don’t look a gift horse in the mouth right? 

His list of faults was long, according to the doc. Aye, he even had a shiny diagnosis rotting somewhere. ASPD it read, like he was some sort of nutjob. But he thought that he had his life well in order… He lived it exactly how he wanted to. As a free man. Free to follow what he wanted && what he thought was right. Free to get what he wanted.  Indeed he even managed to run a bar here in LA, doc would be surprised. She has told him that he’d never be able to lead a successful live, at least if he didn’t succumb to treatment. Though as things were it was evident that he needed none. 

Mo didn’t run the bar on his own anymore, his occupation did not allow him the necessary time and to be frank he wouldn’t even want to. Would get boring after a while… It did in the beginning. Occasionally though he would tend to the bar when he felt for it, picking up gossip here and there or someone for the night. The Deadeye was quite the successful bar, and few people knew of the business that was done in the backrooms of the spacious location. Leaning against the counter he let glacier eyes wander over the occupied tables and the newcomers, glare caught by a young woman who came in the company of … no one. Well, that was strange.