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🌈✨ Glitter in Witchcraft ✨🌈

Glitter is something I’ve seen used in spells quite a bit here on tumblr, so I’d like to offer my beliefs about glitter and it’s purpose in spells and rituals!

Glitter is… well, glittery. It reflects light and makes sparkles. So what happens when you use it in a spell?

It reflects and magnifies auras! It gives potency to energies using color!

The little specks of glitter are like stained glass windows with a mirror inside. Light streams down, hits the glitter, and is refracted back as a very, very tiny burst of colored light and energy. Glitter is good for magnifying auras of spells that are very space-oriented, such as protective jar spells or a candle love spell. You can even put it inside of a clear locket and charm it; the charm will be given a little boost every time the light hits the glitter!

A glitter’s energies will resonate very strongly with it’s physical color, so it’s important to use a color that correctly resonates with your intentions.

Color Correspondences:
🐚✨White: Catch-all, Protection, Peace, Purification, Chastity, Happiness, Halting Gossip, Spirituality
🍀✨Green: Healing, Money, Prosperity, Luck, Fertility, Beauty, Employment, Youth
🐿✨Brown: Healing Animals, The Home
💕✨Pink: Emotional Love, Fidelity, Friendships
🌹✨Red: Lust, Strength, Courage, Power, Sexual Potency
🌙✨Yellow: Divination, Psychic Powers, Mental Powers, Wisdom, Visions
🌌✨Purple: Power, Exorcism, Healing
💧✨Blue: Healing, Sleep, Peace
🔥✨Orange: Legal Matters, Success
*Source: Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, pg 284

Happy Sparkling, witches!!

Imagine being a cashier and suddenly these magical, multi-color alien ladies literally burst into the store.

They all scurry off into different directions shouting at each other, the blue one is flying, the giant one is lifting away the entire card aisle. 

After awhile but before you can call your manager, they return with: baby shower items, party favors, balloons, flowers, and - why does the blue one have a tombstone?

They hurry out the doors and when you finally snap out of shock, a lady with a poignant-nose hands over tons of cash both to pay for their items and the damage they did with their dramatic entrance.

Before you can get a single word out, she runs off to stop her cohorts from apparently stealing some shopping karts and signs. You can hear her giving a lecture about why stealing is immoral as you carelessly stuff the cash into the register. 

You’re gonna need some cigars for this.

You burn so bright, I see stars
The way that you laugh, it’s like a heavenly choir
You made me feel invincible
When you’re with me, I can take on the world

Say my name, I’ll be there
I didn’t know, you should’ve said that you cared
It’s not too late for broken hearts
Take my hand, make a wish on a star

You were a comet and I lost it
Watching for comets, will I see you again?
Everybody needs someone but they can’t feel like this
How can I breathe with this burning in my chest?
You were gone so fast, I want you back
You were a comet and I lost it

Now I see you, I’m frozen in time
All your colors burst into life
I don’t dare close my eyes
Cause a love like this happens once in a lifetime

Skillet - watching for comets

This is part one of two, featuring Genji, Hanzo, McCree, Soldier 76, Reaper, and Torbjorn. Hopefully part 2 will be done and posted tomorrow with the rest of the guys. Going underived a read more because it got a little long


- He probably went looking for you and that was one reason for his being a playboy. He was trying to meet as many people as possible to try and find you

- But he doesn’t meet you until after he found peace from Zenyatta teachings. At this point he’d already given up on ever finding you

- As a cyborg, he gained the ability to see a few colors he couldn’t before

- Part of him worries that he won’t be able to see the addition of new colors when he meets his soulmate

- But it’s not long after Winston recalls everyone from Overwatch and he’s meeting a couple new recruits. He’s shaking hands with them and when he shakes the 2nd to last one the world bursts into color

- Turns out that he didn’t need to worry about knowing whether or not he’d be able to tell when he met you

- The two of you just stand there staring and holding each other’s hand. He’s wondering if you’re put off by his appearance until you throw your arms around him and say “I’ve been looking for you for so long”


- Hanzo is the opposite of Genji. He doesn’t want to meet his soulmate because he knows he has to marry for the good of the clan, no matter who his soulmate (there have Shimada’s who take their soulmate as a lover, but Hanzo wants to give them everything or nothing)

- He meets you anyways, before either of you are prepared for it. He’s dragging Genji out from a party and bumps shoulders with someone. The world bursts into color and both of you stagger

- Genji thinks Hanzo suddenly feels sick, and since he is concerned from him gets him out of there. It isn’t until later when Hanzo has recovered a bit that they realize that it was Hanzo’s soulmate. But neither of them know who it is and Hanzo has no desire to find out or so he tells himself

- The world is color now and it’s makes things more beautiful and more horrific for Hanzo. He can see the color of the cherry blossoms but he can also see the color of Genji’s blood when he kills him

- It’s years later when he finds you again, after he has forgiven himself and joined Genji at Overwatch. They return to Hanamura and this time, when he brushes shoulders with you, the colors don’t appear but they do get brighter. He hadn’t even noticed that in the years since your first meeting that they had dulled

- This meeting goes much better and the two of you have done some not-so-good things in yours lives, but you have each other, finally  


- In Deadlock, it was considered a weakness if you looked for your soulmate, or decided to associate with them if you did

- It wasn’t until he joined Overwatch and learned that that wasn’t normal for the rest of the world that the thought of finding you and actually having a life with you crossed his mind

- He started looking for you whenever he could, meeting as many people as possible

- But Overwatch gets disbanded and he goes on run and he still hasn’t found you

- He stops looking because he doesn’t want to drag you into the mess that is his life

- One day he’s running from some cops and he runs into you, literally

- The world bursts into color. That you have pretty hair is the first thing that pops into his mind

- But unfortunately for him, you’re a cop so you arrest him, soulmate or no

- But he breaks out of jail, and of course he doesn’t do the sensible thing and run but shows up at your house and makes you coffee

- You talk to him and at first it’s just a way to stall until you can arrest him again but he’s charming and kind and you just kind of let him go

- He texts you as he travels around the country and calls you when he can. He even visits a couple times. Over time the two of you develop a friendship and then a relationship and when Overwatch reforms you join and you and Jesse get the chance to actually try being a couple

- Spoiler alert: You guys are perfect for each other

Soldier 76

- So Jack was probably pretty idealistic when he was younger, so he was very enthusiastic about meeting his soulmate and he looked for you wherever he went

- Years passed and he became Strike Commander Morrison and he gave up on finding you. He accepted that he probably was never going to meet you and he accepted that even though it pained him

- He meets you after he becomes Soldier 76 and he’s fighting Los Muertos. You’re a civilian and he tackles you to block you the gang’s weapon fire

- The moment he tackles you, both you’re visions of burst into color

- He’s been trained to well enough that he doesn’t stop fighting but doesn’t mean he’s not shocked. Immediately after the fight he vanishes again

- You’re shocked that your soulmate is an infamous vigilante

- He reappears that night in your apartment. He doesn’t know what to say but he knows he can’t leave

- You’re still mildly freaking out at his identity. You freak out even more when he tells you he’s Jack Morrison

- He tells you about the fall of Overwatch (as much as he knows anyways). It all comes out in flood, he’s been alone so long that he’s forgotten how good it feels to have someone to trust. And he does trust you, even though he just met you

- You listen to all he has to say. You remember when Overwatch was a force for good and saved the world. You decide you believe him, he’s your soulmate what else are you going to do?

- He stills goes off to try and find out the whole truth of what happened, but he keeps in contact and comes to see you. It doesn’t take long until he’s referring to you’re house as ‘home’ even though after Overwatch fell he said he’d never have a home again


- Gabriel is more idealistic when he was younger so he definitely search wherever he could for his soulmate. But he wasn’t expecting them to find you in the middle of a war zone

- You’re one of the many nurses helping the civilians injured by the Omnic War

- But when both of your visions suddenly turn colorful, you’re more surprised than he is

- You weren’t expecting the great Gabriel Reyes to be your soulmate

- Both of you are very busy with the war but it doesn’t mean that you don’t make as much effort as possible to get to know each

- This relationship continues after he becomes the head of Blackwatch

- It continues right up until the explosion at the Swiss Headquarters when he dies and you’re vision goes back to black and white. Over the next few weeks your ability to see color seems to fade in and out, finally seeming to settle on being able to see a few washed out colors. You don’t know what it means but you’re determined to find out. After all, if you still seeing colors then he can’t really be dead, right?

- You go his funeral, both the public one and the private one for his closest friends. Angela doesn’t meet your eyes at either one

- You spend the next few years secretly looking into what really happened when the base exploded

- Talon notices, and they don’t like it so they send a few agents to ‘deal’ with you. Unfortunately for them, they send Reaper, not realizing that you’re his soulmate (you kept that fact hidden). The moment he realizes it’s you he kills the other agents before you even realize that they’re there. He doesn’t plan on revealing himself to you, but he didn’t know that the closer he got the brighter your vision became (after Mercy revived him he was still able to see in full color). He’s hiding in the shadows behind you when you turn around and say “Gabriel? Is that you?”

- So he reveals himself to you and steps out of the shadows. You stand there, staring at each other until you reach up and gently remove his mask. He looks different, there’s scars and bits of his flesh drift away as smoke, but it’s him and you missed him so much

- You join him in his quest to find out the truth about who betrayed Overwatch. You have to relearn each other all over again, but neither of you really mind


- There’s a reason that Torbjorn seems to be married to his turret

- He met you when you were kids, about 5 or 6. You went to school together and one day playing tag at recess he was ‘it’ and tagged you

- The world burst into color and both of you started crying because it hurt your brains to process all the new colors and neither of you knew what was going on

- It doesn’t take long for the teachers to figure out what happened and call both your parents

- It’s rare to find your soulmate so young, but you’re parents are thrilled that you won’t have to ever wonder who your soulmate is. Plus, both pairs of parents know each other and know that they’re good people

- It takes a few years for you both to realize what being soulmates means, but the two of you have already become friends.

- That friendship only grows as the years go on

- You both join the Ironclad Guild and help design the Titan class omnic (the giant one that Torb is fighting in his comic)

- The two of you are incredibly skilled and talented engineers, some of the best in the world

- One day you head to Russia to act as a consultant for the Volskaya Corp.

- A few days after you’ve left, Torbjorn’s vision fades to black and white, the color slowing draining away. He doesn’t know that you’re bleeding out in the snow in Russia, one of the first victims of the Omnic War.

- A few months later Torbjorn will join the original Overwatch Strike Team to fight back against the omnics

/World Bursts Into Color  When You Meet Your Soulmate AU/

Prussia: Wait - *grabs Matthew’s hand*- Ah!…oh. Damn. 

Canada: Wow your eyes are so… they’re… 

Canada: …hmmm

Prussia: What?

Canada: Why didn’t it work for the rest of your body?

Prussia: What do you mean?

Canada: Only your eyes are in color…

Prussia *looks down*: …huh. Well shit.  



Simon wasn’t sure why he decided to go out that night. God knew he had other things he should be doing—the essay he’d been putting off for weeks, a flat that was in desperate need of a good cleaning. But Penny had insisted, and in the end he had given in.

Embers was a nightclub in the heart of London. It was small but always packed with people. Simon wasn’t sure why. It was just like any other nightclub, he supposed. The lighting was dim, broken only by periodic bursts of colored light. Smoke hung thick in the air, permeated by the strobe lights. There was a blood-red marble dance floor and a small stage where the dj seemed to be lost in her own world.

Penny pulled him through the crowd, her hand dug deep in the fabric of his jumper.

“Come on!” she yelled over the music.

“Why do we have to go to the center?” complained Simon. People pulsed around him in waves, and he imagined that that was how it felt—waves crashing against him.

“It’s just what you do, Simon,” said Penny, turning to look back at him just long enough to roll her eyes. Simon decided to take her word for it.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like nightclubs—it wasn’t that at all. He liked certain aspects of them. He liked the unity of strangers all coming together to dance. He liked the music so loud he could feel it in his bones. He even liked the scent of cigarette smoke cocooning him. (He never told Penny this. He knew she wouldn’t understand).

But he didn’t like people tugging at him, trying to dance with him. He didn’t like strangers circling him like he somehow belonged to him. That the music and the dim lighting somehow warranted attention.

He didn’t like that at all.

“Dance with me, Simon!” said Penny as they reached the center of the dance floor. She turned to face him, bobbing energetically to the music. Her purple hair rose and fell as she jumped, and her smile was almost bright enough to cut through the dim lighting.

Simon found himself smiling (really, Penny’s smiles were contagious), and before he knew it, he was dancing as well.


Baz wasn’t sure why he went to this particular nightclub. He had been there before of course—everyone in his year had gone. It was basically a rite of passage. But that didn’t mean he liked it.

True, there were certain things he fancied about Embers. He liked the music, and the smoky lights and feeling like he was part of something. What exactly that that something was, he wasn’t sure. But he liked it nonetheless.

He wasn’t sure what he was looking for when he went to the club that night. He wasn’t sure what he would find.

But then again, he never did.


“You dance like an old man,” said Penny, a laugh bubbling from her throat. She spun like a top.

“I thought you liked the way I danced,” said Simon.

“I do,” said Penny breathlessly. “You dance like an old man in the best possible way.”

“How is that supposed to make me feel?” asked Simon, feigning irritation. “You know it makes me self-conscious—”

His voice caught in his throat when he felt the slightest pressure on his waist. He turned to see a boy there, looking to be about the same age as him.

“Sorry,”  he said, taking his hand away. Simon felt like the place he’d been touching had caught flame. “Would you like to dance?”

Simon blinked (rather stupidly, he thought) and glanced over at Penny. She gave him a sideways smile and a shrug before disappearing into the crowd.

Simon turned back to the stranger. He was taller than him, he noticed, by about three inches.

“Uh—yeah,” he stuttered.

Normally he would have declined. He didn’t know why this time was different. A voice, whispering from a far corner of his brain decided to pitch in. It’s because he’s hot, Simon. That’s why.

“Why do you look so confused?” asked the boy. “Has no one ever asked you to dance before?” Simon couldn’t read his expression.

“No. No. Just not—a boy,” said Simon. He felt himself blushing, but miraculously the lights flickered off. He felt rather than saw the stranger stepping closer, placing his hands on Simon’s waist.

“What’s your name?” he asked, bending down to speak into Simon’s ear. Simon shivered.

“Simon,” he said. “You?”

“Baz,” he said.

“Strange name isn’t it?” asked Simon, struggling to keep his sentences coherent. It was difficult—much too difficult—with Baz pressed against him, close enough that Simon could feel the warmth of his skin, could smell the heavy scent of him. He smelled like smoke and musky cologne. It was overwhelming.

“I suppose,” said Baz. One of his hands left Simon’s waist, trailing up to his shoulder and then along his arm. Simon imagined that embers followed Baz’s fingertips. Hell, it felt like it.

Baz’s fingers found his. His hand was curiously cool to the touch, his fingers long and slender.

“Is this okay?” asked Baz.

Simon nodded, blinking quickly.

The music slowed to a dull throbbing pulse, and Baz moved against him, his dancing almost…silky.

What the hell is wrong with you? Simon thought to himself. Someone can’t dance silkily.

However, it was becoming ever-clearer that Baz wasn’t just anyone.

He had never danced with anyone that made him feel like this—like he was drowning in the sensation of them. Like his skin glittered with sparks.


He hadn’t meant for this to happen. Truly, he hadn’t. Usually he danced with strangers. It was…interesting. Almost like an experiment. It never meant anything. It didn’t need to.

But this…

He wasn’t even sure what had compelled him to ask Simon to dance. Simon was plain. Nondescript. Christ, he’d come to a nightclub wearing an oversized jumper. But there was something about him. Something that made Baz feel dizzy. Like he was being swept away.

He liked it.

He liked Simon, and he didn’t bother to question why. All that was important now was this—them, moving together as one, their fingers interlaced. Simon’s breath on his neck, raising goosebumps.


The song ended, but Simon didn’t want to step away. It seemed as if Baz didn’t want to either.

“Do you want to go outside?” asked Simon suddenly, without thinking.

Baz blinked. It the dull light his dark eyes seemed to burn.

“I’d love to,” he said.

Baz led the way, and Simon followed. The crowd parted easily around Baz. His presence was a sharp knife—beautiful in a dangerous sort of way, impossible to ignore.

Outside it had begun to sprinkle, the city shrouded in mist. They walked around the side of the building, where a few people milled about, talking or smoking. The pair of them went unnoticed.

“You’re a good dancer,” said Simon. He felt a flush of embarrassment but forced it down.

“Thanks,” said Baz, a smirk occupying his lips. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

“Yeah, well Penny says I dance like an old man,” said Simon. He pulled a hand through his tangled curls and leaned against the wall.

“Penny…your girlfriend?” questioned Baz, raising a single dark eyebrow.

“No. Best friend,” corrected Simon. He realized at that moment that he had completely forgotten about Penny. “I should probably get back to her soon—”

“Well, if you must go, take this,” said Baz. He fished around in his pocket for a moment before retrieving a pen. He took Simon’s hand (gently, so gently) and began to write.

“What’s this?” asked Simon.

“My phone number,” said Baz with a devilish grin. “Text me, yeah?”

“S-sure,” said Simon. Baz took a step backward, then, as if thinking better of it, stepped back and placed a kiss on Simon’s cheek.

Before Simon could even process what had just happened Baz was gone, like a plume of smoke scattered by a gust of wind.

All Simon was left with was a number scrawled on the back of his hand, and the lingering ember of Baz’s kiss lighting his cheek aflame.

Justice League Action

Premiere Episode Review

Set your DVRs! ‘Justice League Action’ looks to be an enticing animated series, which comic book fans both young and old should welcome.

I was fortunate enough to land an advanced copy of the premiere episode “Shazam Slam” from Warner Bros for this review. If the premiere is any representation of what we’re in store for, then fans are in for a real treat. The script is well crafted; effectively intertwining classic DC Comics heroes and villains with the less frequently used. A large helping of Justice League characters make appearances, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Green Arrow and Shazam. Longtime Batman fans will be pleased to hear the legendary voice of Kevin Conroy, as he brings the Dark Knight to life with his authoritative tone. There are many other talented voice actors here, and all add to the enjoyment of the show.

The animation itself is pure eye candy. The colors burst on the screen with pleasing precision. The action is truly aplenty … no time is wasted. I like the classic, yet fresh take in which the characters are drawn and brought to life.

The real treat to this show may be the subtle humor. The one-liners are actually funny! The superheroes play off each other’s comic book personalities with clever dialogue, while the animator’s use of facial expressions and body movement bring numerous laughs to the fold.

Justice League Action premieres with a one-hour special this Friday December 16th at 6:00 p.m.  Following the premiere, its regular time will be Saturday mornings at 7:30 a.m. beginning Christmas Eve Morning

Batman Notes Recommended 

Watch a clip from the show below:

All images and video are property of Warner Bros and are used for promotional purposes only.

We’re about halfway through NaNoWriMo this year and I wanted to make a reminder to everyone who’s struggling to reach word counts: it’s okay.

There’s a strong tendency in writing communities–especially among inexperienced writers–to think that the amount of words you write in a single day is reflective of how well you write. It isn’t. NaNo is anything but about being a great writer–even the team behind it make that clear. NaNo is about learning to stop self-editing. It’s something a lot of writers struggle with; to write and rewrite a scene until it’s perfect before moving on. It stops up the creative process, it leaves your story dead in the water instead of growing.

There are a lot of different ways to write, but learning to do drafts is invaluable and that is what NaNo teaches. To write as fast as you can, to get your ideas out in sloppy bursts of color. Not to create a masterpiece. Not even all NaNoers follow the guidelines of NaNo in the strictest sense. Some use this month to edit their works. Some set more modest goals than the official ones. Heck, I’m actually using this month to take a break from writing after doing it nonstop for a year. Make your NaNo about you and what you want to accomplish. Use it to learn.

The way NaNoWriMo is devised, even if you reach all 50k words, you will be left with something misshapen and far from readable. And that is good for new writers. You’ve learned the first step. You’ve created a thing of passion and now you must go back and mold it into a thing of beauty. Maybe you won’t be able to. That’s okay. Start a new project. Take what you learned this month and use it in every writing endeavor afterwards.

The word count doesn’t matter. It’s the writing that does.


Fluo Shoes Light Up Review

So, I found this brand (@Fluoshoes, or fluo shoes) on Instagram, and I fell in love.

Then I bought their shoes and they are so amazing! (they are $119, and then they have high tops too that are for $139 but I am too short for that, any kind of of boots make me look way too small haha)

You can change the lights to different colors or use their bursting mode. You can also turn them off which is super convenient, for example, I turned them on at school and then they asked me to either take them off and I am so glad that I had the chance to turn them off, otherwise it´d have been way too weird to have no shoes at school.

They come with seven lights and my favorite as you can see is the green lights! Their blue is also awesome and definitely my second favorite.

I may be going to coachella this year (only if I get tickets and hotel, which will be way too hard in my budget haha), but if I go, I am definitely taking them with me! And now with the Damn Daniel fever, they are basically a level up of white vans.

They just go great with my style. And their customer service has been great, they shipped them with DHL and they only took 4-5 days. Super quick.

I just hope they sell new things with led lights. Light up Shirts or hats would be awesome haha, I just love my shoes too much, sorry if sometimes that´s the only thing I keep reblogging.


Jesper struck a match and one, two, three, four, five of the rockets Wylan had prepared were screaming toward the sky, exploding in crackling bursts of color. The last was a shimmer of pink. Strontium chloride, Wylan had told him, working away on his collection of fireworks and explosives, flash bombs, weevils, and whatever else was needed. In the dark, it burns red.

Things are always more interesting in the dark, Jesper had replied. He hadn’t been able to help it. Really, if the merchling was going to offer those kinds of opportunities, he had a duty to take them.


@victuuri-week Day 6: Bonds (Soulmates/Reincarnation AU)

“…Do you see it too?” 

AU my friend helped me with in a world where everyone is born without the ability to see color (we’re original) until the day they meet their soulmate. Yuuri is a florist who works in a flower-shop with his friend Yuuko, who had already met her soulmate when they were young. He helps keep up the shop and set up the arrangements Yuuko makes, longingly wishing he could see the vibrant colors she always gushes to him about. One day, when Yuuri is working the shop alone, Viktor walks in, and as soon as he lays eyes on Yuuri, the shop suddenly bursts with color, and Yuuri watches as the bouquet in his hands transforms from a grey blob-to a rainbow of hues.

I want to live the rest of my life like a firework.
I want to explode in the best way possible-
not like a bomb or a bullet shell or a burning stick of dynamite.
Not destruction, but creation.
My heart is aching to get up and make something,
instead of watching things burn and crumble and break.
I want to be a burst of color in a darkened sky,
bringing noise and light and happiness and hope.
I’ve lived too long as the quiet one,
the one who listens but never speaks.
I’ve lived too long invisibly,
letting the darkness exist unrivaled.
I want more of that firework feeling
I’ve tasted and seen.
I want to grab hold of it and never let go.
I want to go back to the place where I can explode.
—  firework feeling // c.r.h.

Mainstreet Cinema in Disneyland by Anthony H.
Via Flickr:
Taking a stroll down Main Street U.S.A. at the original Disneyland Park is great, in this photo you see the Cinema in the background which still shows classic black and white shows from the early days of Mickey Mouse and the Walt Disney Studios.