color book stack

Part of my book haul from yesterday’s library book sale. Yes, most of these will become giveaways. :) 

Of these, I’ve read The God of Small Things, The Stranger, The Color Purple, Beloved, and The Master and Margarita. I recommend all of them, but I loved The God of Small Things and Beloved best. Have you read any of these? 

ohghafas  asked:

once i was laughing so hard and my friend pulled up a video on youtube of a pterodactyl screech and played it at the same time, nobody could tell the difference between my laugh and that audio

honestly? i can’t decide if im u in this situation or the friend bc i would do both, my friend and i went to get ice cream and we started talking abt memes and i laughed so hard i started crying right there in the ac peterson

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anonymous asked:

Hey Deeetron I LOVE the decorations on the desk from your latest post where can I find them

Sheeps - @nooboominicule
Hippo, plants, hedgehog & teacup planters - @teanmoon
Bunny - me, @nolan-sims, @xdeadgirlwalking, @snooderful
Lip phone - @msteaqueen
Pink clock & Colorful Book Stack - @lina-cherie
Purple Freezer Bunny - @hamburgercakes/ @javabeandreams
Green deer - @helen-sims
Lucky Cat - @veranka-s4cc
Peppermint Butler - @meghewlett
Llama - me
Clay Rabbit - @cowplantcake
Green & Orange Books - @brazenlotus
Pencil Holders & Stuff in them - @aroundthesims
Teal box w/Label (box 2) - Koposov
Round Teal box (behind books) - Severinka (TSR WARNING)
Robot Arm - @srslysims
Desk Lamp - Dot (TSR WARNING)
Desk & chair - @dreamcatchersims4

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been putting that off for a while. x.x;