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A super fast breakdown of how I’ve been painting (with blue haired Teru, bc why not) because I’ve had a lot of people tell me they like how I’ve been coloring (thank you!!!!!) and a bunch mentioned they’d like to be able to color like this too, and honestly it’s not hard nor complicated at all, so here! This is how I’ve been doing it 👍

Little tip to help blend colours more nicely! (Photoshop)

You see on the left how the red and green have brown during the transition? That’s ugly. We don’t want it to blend colours like that.

On the right the other hand, it blends correctly! It goes from red then yellow and then to green! It’s correct!

How do you do this? It’s very simple:

Go to Edit->Color Settings…

Remember to check Blend RGB Colors Using Gamma and it should solve the weird colour blending problem.

Hope this was of help!

Fresh_Hell….Thats what it is to draw this fool…But honestly I had a lot of fun drawing him and experimenting with my markers and blending. Also this is my first fan art for this blog sooo, Here ya goo *Runs away cuz SENPIIIII*

SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader – Part 2

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A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this next part! I have to head to work but I wanted to post it as soon as possible, so I’ll have to go through it and edit any little grammatical errors later!

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You followed Sebastian into the large glass building. He lived in the penthouse loft at the top floor. It was exquisite. Dark mahogany lined the floors of the ivory colored walls. Windows lined the walls facing outward and you could see the entire city from the front door, mesmerized by the lights downtown. You noticed the curtains lining the windows were pushed back, allowing for more privacy if so wanted, but not like it was really needed on the top floor of this building. The furniture was mod-inspired but still relatively new. The furniture looked like it had barely been touched, it’s ivory-mocha blend color matching well in the loft.

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”Today, I’ll teach you cool poses 1 to 89 that you can use in diplomacy!
Listen up. By assuming cool diplomatic poses, people get charmed by me and then I have the advantage and-”


What this morning has taught me: most people on this website don’t seem to know where Harry’s rose is placed on his arm.

Took me almost all day! When I saw Youmna post her part of Sans Hazard, I was really impressed with the comic & animation she made. I just had to draw it. I tried my best to blend the colors, & this was my first time doing so. ;w; Anyway, I hope you all like it. I also listened to this song while drawing this.

Animation by @superyoumna

Wild!Sans & Kella by @metalphoenixxwolf

@sanshazard Comic by @metakazkz

do you ever think about how monumentally fucked you would be if you lived before glasses were invented?


[Old artwork from several months ago.]

I wanted to bring in another OC, Cerys.

She’s 22 years old and she can a bit strict regarding rules and authority. She’s also good at reading body gestures and emotions, which Rein hates a lot, but she sees right though him anyway lmao. Cerys has been sheltered most of her life and always had a clear distinction of what she could and couldn’t do, but with every experience she encounters and everyone she meets, she becomes more open-minded. It wasn’t until she was assign to work with Rein and was exposed to his unpredictable and unconventional work attitude and brash personality that she begins to unwind. Her and Rein are not actually in an official relationship, but they do rely on each other a lot to keep one another balanced.