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rinnexface  asked:

Can you tell me the funniest thing you have done to prank/ torture someone? I need to feel some kind of laughter in my life today. Thank you.

“I had someone come into my Persuasion Room at one point who was horribly afraid of rabbits. Almost deathly afraid, to the point where the mention of a bunny being in close proximity broke them into a cold sweat. The reason for their fear was never described, I had no reason to ask.”

He rolled his pointer finger in a circle in his calm recollection.

“So, I filled up the entire floor with bunnies of all colors. Black and white, brown, silver, gray, dull black, spotted, droopy eared, you name it, they were most likely in there. The poor boy walked into the door and practically froze in his place, he begged me not to make him walk in there. I did of course. Had to begin scooting himself through their fluffy little bodies, whimpering horribly. I finally let the crowd of them turn loose on him, they started crawling up his legs, began digging their buck teeth into his thighs, tore straight into his muscle, they have quite the powerful jaws. Their claws were raking at his ankles and they continued climbing upwards to snap at his chest, swiping at his eyes and slicing into his irises to make his eye jelly spill down— Oh… I’m sorry. You said a funny story. Yes, sorry, I don’t have one.” 

limetail  asked:

Fracture, the return pallette for the thing? X3

I got bout halfway through this when I realized I did the lineart on the sketch layer and gave up and threw the right colors in there 

from this point forward fracture is BANNED from pallete memes, he’s canonically only 2 colors, (black/white) and one of those are usually allowed in palletes. 

he is just too hard to work with, and trying to force all/more than two colors onto him to make it work doesn’t end up looking nice.

It also feels way too out of character to color him any way besides the intended stark contrast of black and white

hope you understand!