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“Lost Me…”  

A redraw from November,

 A Happy birthday gift to @therealjacksepticeye ! This dude, seriously. *here comes the cheesy stuff* The first time Jack reblogged my work, you should’ve seen me (the first one was actually this “Lost me” piece! The “original” so to speak) I was jumping around the walls and screaming. You know what this gave me? Courage, a feeling of moving forward! It was a feeling of progress. This is what got me here. Drawing this latest one. It may be different in some ways of color and choice of layout, but it is still growth. Jack was a cause of this. Maybe not the only one, but a big one. Where would I be without him, I don’t know. I met a lot of my good friends because of him, joined the community, and grew with everyone. Its been amazing watching so many artists of all kinds publish work and establish their work. To anyone reading this, grow. Inspire, work, do the cliché stuff I said. Because with work of dedication, you can become who you want to be. Sean, the least I can say, is thank you. Artists of all kinds and I give the biggest of thanks. 

 this was also a mini celebration thing for hitting 400+ watchers on Deviant art ;w; seriously you guys are amazing. 

I got a flag for my bedroom – this is the battle flag of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, a pivotal battle of the American Revolutionary War fought in what is now the city of Greensboro in 1781. Though technically a victory for the British under General Cornwallis, the redcoats suffered a strategic loss which led to their turn north toward Yorktown and their eventual surrender. The City of Greensboro is named for Major General Nathanael Greene, who commanded the American forces at Guilford Courthouse. The flag itself is notable both for thus being a battle flag actually worth being proud of and for being weird as hell – everything from the proportions, to the color choice, to the layout of stars is distinctly odd.

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As always….

I will take this opportunity to remind you that I’m always available if you want someone to talk to, or if you’re curious, or if you’re bored and wanna chat, or if you need support, or  a n y t h i n g  like that. I love messages & new friends. Also if you have any questions about any of the above, feel free to shoot me an ask !

and - ahem - if anyone was…..wondering ((nudge nudge wink wink)) my ig is emmyxbelle. just in case. you. wanted that information. ok. gr8.

All right, I think that’s all! Thank you if you read this far, and I hope you have a really great day :-) See you in December!


Streat Helsinki is all about street food - exploring not only what street food is but also what street food should and could be. It’s a concept with a mission of praising and pioneering the countless opportunities and potential of street food in Helsinki and beyond, with a global reach through various partners and stakeholders.

Streat Helsinki kicked off with a threefold set of events in March 2014, aptly named TALKS, EATS, and PARTIES. Plenty of talk, lots of action, and some celebratory partying. TALKS was organized in conjunction with the Gastro Helsinki fair, whilst EATS and PARTIES took over the flourishing culture districts and street food hubs of the Tori Quarters and the Abattoir.

Streat Helsinki EATS, as the main feast of the festival, attracted over 20,000 hungry food lovers who visited Tori Quarters during the day. With about 40 food trucks and restaurants from all over Scandinavia and elsewhere serving their best dishes, the festival was a success.

Kokoro & Moi developed the festival identity, which extended across the printed material, marketing, and festival area itself at Tori Quarters. The identity was cooked up to incorporate authenticity and an experimental spirit with ingredients that included bold color choices, busy layouts, the custom-made Streat Helsinki typeface, a DIY attitude, a 90s vibe, rough materials, and illustrations of some famous hungry mouths to feed. Served to spice up winter days and increase the appetite for fun.

bigsphinxofquartz  asked:

I'm colorblind, and I've noticed that over the years the color choices in Magic card layouts have become a lot clearer with new things introduced, or that you otherwise make it easy to tell what's going on with any card; that's definitely not true with all games, and I appreciate the choices made in that regard a lot.

It is something we do think about. One of the managers in R&D is color blind.

There’s a Tumblr image post going around encouraging people in Baltimore to call the “Hypothermia Hotline” if they see a homeless person struggling with the sub-zero temperatures. Though the post has gotten tens of thousands of reblogs, the Baltimore Hypothermia Hotline isn’t actually a real thing. The number in the image leads to a mental health crisis hotline that has probably spent the last few days swamped with misdirected calls.

However, I think the post itself is an excellent illustration of what I mean when I say Tumblr excels as a platform for spreading art. The design behind the misleading post, whether intentionally misleading or not, is actually very interesting.

I censored the number out because I know at least one of you would call it, and they’re probably dealing with enough calls right now. Let’s just talk about the image itself, though.

Getting the most obvious stuff out of the way first, there’s the very fact that it is an image. Though the relevant parts are just text, the artist packaged them in a picture that has a nice layout and a good color/font choice. Its text is larger than any ordinary text on the page, which draws attention. Being an image also means its content won’t get cropped off by a cut when reblogged, which would negatively affect its spread.

And look at the text itself. Beyond being very polite about what it’s asking (“take the liberty”), there’s the whole fact that it specifically addresses people in Baltimore. Personalizing something like that can have a huge effect; not only is it effectively speaking directly to you if you live in Baltimore, but it makes it feel like spreading the post would actively help people in Baltimore. It ties it all to a very real location without the cold removedness that would be conveyed by a more general “call your local emergency hotline”. Even in fiction writing, I’ve heard at least author comment on how positively readers react when seeing their actual hometown mentioned in something.

And the post’s concept! It’s new and fresh; you won’t see any other posts out there stressing the importance of calling the Baltimore Hypothermia Hotline for people in need. This is because the Hypothermia Hotline doesn't exist, sure, but that originality still guarantees this is something new and important-sounding that people haven’t heard of before. 

And then there’s the decision to keep the artist’s name and portrait in the image. The person who posted it to Tumblr could have just cropped that out and cited the source via link, or made the artist’s name into a smaller signature in the corner, but they chose not to. Not only is this showing that the message is strong enough to have already spread between social networking sites, but - let’s be honest - the fact that the creator is black and female is probably helping the post gain traction on Tumblr, where there is a very strong backlash against the preponderance of white, male creators. And, like naming Baltimore specially, there is that entire humanizing element, showing that this message is coming from an actual person. You want to reblog it. You see Iconoclasticbeauty’s smiling face and want to help her get her message out there.

These are all elements that go into making impactful and popular artwork. It’s original, it’s relatable, it’s in-your-face and aesthetically pleasing, and the very act of reblogging it makes you feel like you’re doing good in the world. Sure, the content of the image is inaccurate and does nothing but clog up a suicide hotline, but that doesn’t change its appeal as a work of art.

I don’t mean to say that Iconoclasticbeauty’s image was engineered by a villainous person purely to spread misinformation through thousands of Tumblr reblogs. More likely than not, it was just a perfect combination of site-specific design elements mixed with a piece of accidentally incorrect information. But considering that this image’s spread is causing actual harm, it drives home both how effective Tumblr is at spreading things based on their artistic merit and how dangerous it is to get information from a site designed to do that.

There are people out there - both on Tumblr and in the scary outside world - who will use these same tactics to intentionally hurt others. They will use aesthetics, they will use your social biases, and they will do it all while making you feel like you are doing the right thing. If you are one of the individuals who helped spread that original image with the incorrect number, please take it as a lesson to be more careful with your reblogging next time.