color & texture

I spent a few hours drawing a Thor Ragnarok image today, wanted to try and speed up my process and make decisions more quickly. I tend to over think things and want to try and get work out more often!

Hope you guys like it, I’m looking forward to the film! Have a good weekend :D


“Ayama knew what it was not to be heard, and she also knew the beast did not lie. He might sometimes be cruel, and he was most certainly dangerous, but he was truthful - just like the thorn wood. For when Ayama had awoken after her adventures, it was the wounds from the thicket that had proven all the sweet blossoms and starlight had been real.”


What happened with your father?
He was the guy that couldn’t walk away. The Ministry of Culture offered to finance…one more of his expeditions. But, the bandits raided his camp and, um…local authorities found him weeks later. This showed up in the mail a few weeks after we got to Australia, and this stupid thing is all I have left of him.
I’m sorry.
Oh, hey, he certainly made his choice.


by mintyslimey on insta ☁️