Shownu: Cuts down palm trees with bare hands to make a log cabin. Makes a filtering system to make the ocean water drinkable. Found a way to get back home on week 2 but decided that island life was better.

Wonho: Searches the island for apes so that they’ll adopt him into their family. Gets hit in the head with a mango and is convinced that he is Tarzan. Spends the day practicing his animal calls.

Kihyun: Uses his last match to set a tree on fire in hopes of a plane seeing it. No plane comes. The whole island burns up. 

Minhyuk: Mind breaks in the first 5 minutes. Survives the loneliness by talking to his imaginary friend Lola. Eats berries he finds on bushes. Lola tells him the berries are poisonous. He tells her she’s not even real.

Hyungwon: Stumbles upon a supply of coconuts. Uses the milk as a facial moisturizer.  After the last coconut is drained realizes he probably should have drank it instead. Has to try and catch rain water with his shirt to survive.

Jooheon: Figures that he’s more than likely going to die. Lays out on the sand on his back and waits for the seagulls to eat him. Gets nibbled to death by a turtle instead.

I.M.: Tries to swim off the island and gets a cramp. Almost drowns trying to swim away from a shark. (Shark was actually a dolphin the whole time.) Decides to proclaim himself ruler of the island to see if that makes him feel any better. It doesn’t.

July 28, 2016
  1. Virgo

  2. Capricorn
     Antique goods

  3. Taurus
     Stuffed toy

  4. Scorpio
     New product

  5. Cancer
     Ice candy

  6. Pisces
     Printed instructions

  7. Sagittarius

  8. Aries
     Refrigerated bag

  9. Leo
     Branded store

  10. Gemini
     Storage rack

  11. Libra
     Shoulder bag

  12. Aquarius
     A person with O-type blood

“The sun does not struggle to rise and neither should we.” ~ unknown

Series: My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic
Cosplay: Original Design Princess Celestia (Human) by @mew21cosplay
Photography by @shortfusepinups

'Things I said to this Cat' Starters

“If my boob is injured during this, I will never forgive you.”
“You, are a douchebag. But I love you.”
“You’re using me! For a raspberry milkshake!”
“I will NOT be the reason you get explosive diarrhea!”
“This is, and I quote, Not for Kitties.”
“Can we stop with the needle hands?”
“Ow! I love you, but ow!”
“You maimed me!”
“Aw, I can’t be mad when you do that.”
“Don’t you lick my face you fuckwad.”
“You’re so warm and soft and vibrate-y.”
“Look at what you did!”
“Make up your mind!”
“Okay, Shitlord, we get it.”
“Firestar wouldn’t do this to me.”
“Nothing will ever get you while I’m here. Oh, dear god, please don’t tell me I just pulled a Makoto Naegi on you. I’m so sorry, please don’t die!”
“Wanna take a selfie?”
“If I get sick and die because of you, I will see your ass in court.”
“Great, now everyone thinks I’m a furry.”