The extraordinary painted elephants of India | See full photo gallery

The Elephant Festival takes over the city of Jaipur every year. The animals are draped with jewelry and given majestic multi-color makeovers (complete with pedicures), before doing a procession through the streets. Later they race, play elephant polo and take part in a human vs animal tug-of-war. 

Photographer Charles Freger travelled to Rajasthan to get a sneak peek.

INDIA, Bangalore : An Indian schoolchild, has his face painted as a tiger, at a park in Bangalore on August 1, 2015, during an awarness programme about the endangered tiger species.   International Tiger Day which came into being at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010, is held annually on July 29, to give worldwide attention to the reservation of tigers and it is both an awareness day and a celebration of tigers. AFP PHOTO/Manjunath KIRAN

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Relax, Lake Ontario | Konica Centuria (expired)

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