Oh noes, the Disc Demon is chasin’ Shag 'n’ Scooby!

They run around the desk… 

…we get a lovely blur, including Scoob’s brown and Shag’s green shirt… 

…they exit… their colors stay in the blur

…and… um… Scooby’s nose just sorta does whatever it wants, too.

Colors, man. They’re so rebellious sometimes.


Quarks Don’t Actually Have Colors

“We may call it color charge, but the strong nuclear force obeys rules that are unique among all the phenomena in the Universe. While we ascribe colors to quarks, anticolors to antiquarks, and color-anticolor combinations to gluons, it’s only a limited analogy. In truth, none of the particles or antiparticles have a color at all, but merely obey the rules of an interaction that has three fundamental types of charge, and only combinations that have no net charge under this system are allowed to exist in nature.

This intricate interaction is the only known force that can overcome the electromagnetic force and keep two particles of like electric charge bound together into a single, stable structure: the atomic nucleus. Quarks don’t actually have colors, but they do have charges as governed by the strong interaction. Only with these unique properties can the building blocks of matter combine to produce the Universe we inhabit today.”

At a fundamental level, forces like gravity are easy. There’s only one type of charge, mass/energy, and it’s always attractive. The electric force is a little more complex, with two types of fundamental electric charges, positive or negative, where like charges repel and opposite charges attract. But in the theory of the strong interactions, there are three fundamental types of charge, and that changes everything. We call this color charge because of a good analogy with how additive and subtractive colors work, but we can learn even more by investigating where the analogies break down.

Nature is bizarre, but if we’re careful we can understand it. Quarks don’t actually have colors, but what they do have may be even more interesting. Come find out about it today.

[Image: a selection of colour palettes with the title: “Colour Palette Meme: Ragnarok”, and names for the palettes: red sky at night, cyberpunk needs sleep, toy aisle after dark, vintage t-shirt, 100 percent done with winter, aqua marry me, dog friend, scream for ice cream, this salad needs a lil, the beach! the beach!, is this a lesbian flag, disney stepsisters, but IS it safe to go in the water, macarons not macaroons, secondary atraction, chill lo fi study playlist, tyger tyger, not this time megatron, very expensive jewelry, children’s book caterpillar]

I made a http://zmtn.tumblr.com/post/180560185305/zmtn-image-a-colour-palette-meme-colour-names third one of these.


Colors have each their own special properties and correspondences; I find that as you work with them and grow more familiar with them, you feel more comfortable using certain ones or find more or other uses for them. Working with multiple colors at the same times can have different results. It all depends on your intentions!

Black- Divination, warding off evil, protection, negative work 

Navy Blue- For wounded pride, injuries, angelic protection

Dark Purple- Calls upon ancient ones and deities, government, sigils and runes

Lavender- Calmness, recharging, righteous spirirt, nostalgia, sleep 

Dark Green- regeneration, financial, agriculture, repressed feelings and emotions

Mint Green- Refreshment, rejuvenation, childhood, nostalgia, adds a spring in your step kinda feeling, energy 

Green- Healing, nature, artistic, Nort Cardinal Point

Olive green- new beginnings, blessings

Light green- Youth, improves weather, more minor deities than Gods (think fae)

Indigo- Repressed memories, projection even to astral level, secrets, emotions, mood

Dark blue- Confusion, grounding, deep thoughts, astral level

Blue- Protection, creativity, intelligence/smarts, studying

Royal Blue- Power, protection

Baby Blue- Protection of others, buildings, and children, gentleness

Ruby red- Passion, anger, intense (sexual) love

Red- Love, dedication, will power, responsibility

Light red- nonsexual love, friendship, platonic love

Deep pink- Harmony and friendship in the home, often relates with Queer Platonic Relationships

Pink- Binding, youth, new experiences, love, friendship

Pale pink- Friendship, self-love

Yellow- Healing, joy, East Cardinal Point

Deep Gold- Prosperity, the sun

Gold- Attraction, wealth, attention

Dark orange- Opportunity, physical relations with your body

Orange- Material gain, to seal a spell, attraction

Dark Brown- Earth, grounding, inviting others

Brown- Peace in home, friendship, herb magick

Light Brown- material benefits

Silver- Quick luck, gambling, the moon, lust

Off-White- Peace of Mind, acceptance, normalcy 

White- Mother candle (to be burnt 30 minutes at each moon phase), purity, brings in positivity, love for yourself and others 

Rainbow- Neurodiversity, overall goodness in your life

You can incorporate colors into your clothing, letters, candles, rituals, crafts, foods, etc.! The intention and belief in color correspondences is most important! Get creative, and stay safe <3