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do you know any good readings on the effects of colonialism on modern concepts of gender? i've seen you talk a lot about this and i'm interested to read more into it

Heterosexualism and the Colonial / Modern Gender System, María Lugones 

Colonial Dependence and Sexual Difference: Reading for Gender in the Writings of Simón Bolívar (1783-1830), Catherine Davies

(you can download those last two articles here if you don’t have access to jstor)

The Coloniality of Gender, Maria Lugones

Romancing the Transgender Native, Evan B. Towle and Lynn M. Morgan

Scientific Racism and the Emergence of the Homosexual Body, Siobhan Somerville

Asexuality as a white supremacist dream (and additional commentary)

The Empire of Sexuality, Joseph Massa

Women and Men, Cloth and Colonization: The Transformation of Production-Distribution Relations among the Baule (Ivory Coast) (Femmes et hommes, pagnes et colonisation: la transformation des relations de production et de distribution chez les Baule de Côte d'Ivoire), Mona Etienne

“Some Could Suckle over Their Shoulder”: Male Travelers, Female Bodies, and the Gendering of Racial Ideology, 1500-1770, Jennifer L. Morgan

White Sexual Imperialism: A Theory of Asian Feminist Jurisprudence, Sunny Woan

The veil or a brother’s life: French manipulations of Muslim women’s images during the Algerian War, 1954–62, Elizabeth Perego

Rethinking Sex-Positivity, Rebecca John

Women of Color Seen As Always Sexually AvailableJaclyn Friedman 

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Erin I'm completely confused with that ending , any previous theories u can link me to?

the ending is that there was a 6 year and 7 days time jump (i’m guessing this is a biblical reference of the 6 days of creation and on the 7th day god rested? there are multiple biblical references in season 1 too.). 

Annnyways…. so there was basically a “reboot” of the series where there are “mountain men” (the 1200 in the bunker in Polis), “grounders” (Clarke and Madi, and any other nightbloods), and people in space (bellamy, raven, echo, emori, murphy, harper, monty) and the ship we saw descend. And this “ship” is full of Criminals just like how the first ship that came down to earth from the Ark was full of criminals. 

In season 4 there was a plant in the first episode about the existence of the penal colony on the monitor screen behind raven here:

Then in episode 4.05 while Raven is floating Jackson is telling Abby about the Eligius Mining company and the long space mission. 

“According to the record, Becca first developed what we know as nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company. Long duration space missions. Criminals were put into hypersleep and given nightblood to protect against solar radiation.”

As you can see…this is an Eligius mining company ship…

So this ship is full of Nightbloods that were criminals. 

So as I suspected…there is now a “switching of roles” as the series basically “starts over”. 

Csaplar (the Crystal City) is the capital of the Chiss homeworld Csilla, situated somewhere in the Unknown Regions within the Chiss Ascendancy. Csilla entered an ice age millenia ago forcing the Chiss to dig deep under the ground. They used the geothermal energies stored near the planet’s mantle to build their home in the icy caverns beneath the earth.

Since then, their constant expansion and growth has led to cities springing up out of the ice. The tall spacescrapers are made of serapfis, similar to transparisteel, and are warmed through the constant flow of water heated by geothermal energy deep below the ground. 

Snow that falls on top of the spacescrapers is gently melted, collected and recycled by the ramp-like roofs and domes and in some cases the uppermost floors are transformed into penthouse apartments to watch the melting snow rain down over the windows.

In the centre of Csaplar are positioned the ever-growing towers of the House Palace. Each tower is divided up into pieces, controlled by different Ruling Families who vie for the most power by building more and more for their own. In the central tower, the Council of Ruling Families convenes at the very top, while lesser governing and administrative bodies follow, all the way down to the very crust of Csilla.

Most buildings stand very close together and are joined by walkways every few levels if there is any distance between them. Chiss very rarely venture out into the cold and prefer to stay inside their buildings where it is warm and toasty. However, soldiers are trained to weather the cold and use specialist equipment when venturing out into the cold.

No alien has ever set foot on Csilla as a matter of safety and Chiss born in the colonies are extensively screened before being allowed inside the capital. The coordinates of the planet are unknown to the greater galaxy and the city of Csaplar itself is difficult to spot from orbit, visible only as a cluster of crystal spires poking out of a deep crevice in a glacier.

Csaplar is the centre of Chiss government but also culture and education. The higher levels boast elegance and refinement with museums and concert halls while the Undercity is a more modest affair, encouraging experiment and innovation which eventually spreads throughout the Ascendancy entire.

As well, there are several towers and spaceports reserved for military use only, with strict training academies for the upper class whose sons and daughters must serve the mandatory five years in the Colonial Phalanx.