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so I did a thing last night…

I have bad anxiety and depression and I have suffered my entire life. Last summer was when I was at my absolute worst. And then I found twenty one pilots and it was like Tyler was talking about what was going on in my head at that time and I was hooked. When I feel like I don’t want to go on, I remember how important I am and that I need to stay alive.

With that being said, I got these lyrics permanently on my skin. Although there are so many tøp lyrics that stick out in my mind and that have really kept me going, these are the ones that really get to me every time I listen.

If anyone in my clique fam needs a shoulder, my ask is always open.

stay alive y'all. ✌🏼❤️👽

When will white people on here—especially white girls—stop yelling at women of color for calling out their racist female faves. Like white people, if a woman of color comes up to you and tells you that your fave is racist/oppressive or a colonialist then MAYBE instead of arguing you should see why instead of trying to defend your racist ass. My fuse with white people especially white girls here on tumblr is running thin. like stop saying “WHERE IS THE SOURCE FOR HER RACISM” “WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE” IF A POC is telling you there is racism then you have no right to ask them for their evidence. They have lived it and understand racism FAR better than you. And if the accusations of your fave being racist as a white person angers you, then you need to reevaluate some things.

Fic masterlist

So I decided to make a master list!! 

T- Teen
M- Mature
E- Explicit 


The Bodyguard (M; in progress; co-written by @alittlemissfit)
An AU crossover between The X Files and  The Bodyguard (the movie). Scully is a bodyguard who is hired to protect Mulder. 

Evelyn Samantha (in progress) 
After giving up William and being on the run for a few years Mulder and Scully settle down and have a couple more children who turn out to be as extraordinary as their first born who finds his way back into their life. (almost to the end)

The Red Haired Woman (in progress)
William begins to have visions of a woman who he believes to be his mother. Picks up at the end of season 10 (Post colonization; also almost to the end)

My Sister
A series of vignettes exploring Scully’s thoughts on her sister at different big events in her life. 


Never Leave (M) - 52) things you said with my lips on your neck

Movie Night (T) - Every Saturday Mulder and Scully have a beer, pizza and movie night

Head (E)- After watching Caddyshack Scully gives Mulder some head.

Nightmares (G)- 94. “I had a bad dream again.”

Deal (T)- 39. “It’s your turn to make dinner.”

No Fun (E)- “Sorry isn’t going to help when I kick your ass!!!”; “You’re bleeding all over my carpet.”

Chances (G)- 53) things you said in the dark

The Invention of the Kiss (G)- “I was really hoping I’d hallucinated all that”

One Room. One Bed. (E)- 37: “They mixed up our reservations. One room. One bed.”; 39: “You, my friend, are a filthy sinner, and I approve wholeheartedly.”; 40: “Did you mean like… this?”

Classic Trope (G)- XF Writing Challenge Prompt: sharing a bed

Relaxation (E)- Mulder, Scully, baseball, hot tub.

The Domestic Life (T)- 52. Why don’t you try it if it’s so easy?; 57. Put some clothes on for the love of God.

Feelings (T)- “You’re so determined to protect yourself and your feelings, but what about me?”; “Jesus, you’re acting like you don’t even want to touch me!”

Airplane (E)- Prompt word: airplane

The Short Trip (T)- 75. “Why is THIS in your fridge? This is some serious contraband.”

Fireworks (T)- 136. “Seriously, staring at me won’t get me to be your new years date"

Unbridled (E)- Just another version of how Mulder and Scully dealt with the fallout from En Ami.

A Kiss in the Dark (G)- 26. “I didn’t intend to kiss you.”

Come Home (G)- 28. Familiar cuddle

Never Let You Go (G)- 30. Out of necessity (trapped in a small space, etc.)


Mr. Tamborine Man- A reflection of Mulder’s life. 

Because You’re Mine-

Mulder and Scully have a night out on the town.

Wonderful YouMulder and Scully have a private moment in the hospital during the Cancer arc.

Hurt- What if Mulder never found the cure to Scully’s cancer? 

Rambling Man- A reflection on Scully’s life. 

Night Terror-

Mulder and Scully’s partnership through the years

Nothing Else Matters- Mulder makes Scully a playlist as they rebuild their relationship (s10)

Stand alones: 

Last Regrets (G)- As Scully is dying of cancer Mulder finds a note intended for him after her death. 

Tears (E)- Another angsty smutty Sein Und Zeit fic but I think you’ll like it

Against the World (M)- Post- colonization one shot. Mulder and Scully only find comfort in each other.

Late Night at the Lab (E)- Mulder and Scully have been sleeping together for a little less than a week when Mulder reveals a fantasy he has always had about her.

A Visit From Santa (G)- The Scully-Mulder family discusses belief in Santa Claus.

Beeb (E)- Mulder and Scully have dreams that are very similar.

Bibs and Barbecue Sauce

 (E)- Mulder and Scully bond over good Barbecue.

My Last Testament (T)- Diana Folwey’s version of events.

Licking Mulder (E)- Title pretty much explains it.

Love into Hate (G)-How did Mulder’s parent’s relationship affect his own relationships?

Our Own Little World (M)-Mulder and Scully are running from the FBI.

Contemplating Death (T)-Scully, Mulder, and Teena’s thoughts during Sein Und Zeit.

Mr. Scully (T)-A short little conversation Mulder and Scully have in bed.

Growing Up (G)-William has a date on Halloween

Not Alone (G)-Random thoughts about Mulder’s beliefs about God. 

Baseball and Horror (G)-Mulder and William are watching the World Series and want Scully to join them.

Snow Day (G)-Scully, Mulder, and William venture out into the snow.

My Religion (M)-Mulder has long professed to be an atheist but he recently finds salvation in a new religion.

Triangle Revisited (T)-What if Mulder never got out of the Bermuda Triangle in season 6?

Finding William (G)-Mulder and Scully need to find Will before the 2012 deadline.

His Brilliant Mind (T)- “When his brilliant, complex, beautiful, passionate, obnoxious, silly, dazzling mind met mine the world made sense.” Dana thinks about why she loves Mulder.

Not Mulder (E)-Scully struggles to date while having a partner like Mulder. 

The Starlight (G)-After Scully gives up her son she is alone and in need of help. She gets it from an unexpected source in a way she thought impossible

Sveta (T)-Mulder tries to find out why Scully was so upset to see Sveta at the little house.

Monthly (T)-When Scully leaves she promises that she will be back each month because she can never truly leave Mulder.

The Missed Kiss (T)-Post ‘Sixth Extinction: Part 2’ pre 'Hungry’. Why didn’t Scully kiss Mulder after he confessed his feelings? Also a little bit of a wrap up on The Fowl situation.

On the run series: 

Halloween on the Run (G)- Celebrating Halloween while running from the FBI

Thanksgiving on the Run (G)- Celebrating Thanksgiving on the run.

Christmas on the Run (G)- Celebrating Christmas on the run. 

X Files- Hamilton crossover: 

The Ham Files (G)- Mulder is sick of William’s obsession with Hamilton. 

The West Wing: 

Always on the Table (G)- After Simon’s death Toby comforts CJ. 

What really gets me is when people believe only Europeans went out and conquered and colonized. Like, honey, no. You obviously did not pay attention in world history if you believe that. Yes, they did it a lot, but take a look at Japan, China, African tribal nations, the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, the list goes on and on. White people weren’t the only people to take over new land or hurt and kill the people that lived on the land. Maybe crack open a book and learn something.

St Patrick’s Day: the day Anglo-American people dress up as a Walt Disney’s inaccurate interpretation of leprechauns (which is a racist caricature), and drink a beverage called an “Irish car bomb” (which makes light of the fact that the Irish were stereotyped as terrorists for fighting for independence using guerrilla tactics), and yell phrases in poorly anglicized Gaeilge (an indigenous language that English colonizers outlawed), and no one sees those things as being problematic because “Irish people are white,” ignoring the fact that the reason there are more people of Irish descent living in America than in Ireland is because there was a fucking diaspora thanks to English colonialism.

It is on days like today when Irish people, Jewish people, and light-skinned tribes like the Sami are all reminded that we don’t get to be considered “white” or “indigenous” except when it’s convenient for White People™ and PoC™.

If I invade your safe space rhetoric, I don’t care. I’m tired of this. One of my homelands has been independent for 68 years (ireland) and my other people haven’t had citizenship in their homeland for more than 50 years. Come for me, I have history on my side.

disclosure (t1)

hello frens it’s been a while but i’ve been working on the sequel to confessions and i wanted to share so?? here have a snippet

Chat Noir gets hurt. It’s what he does: it’s part of his duty as Chat Noir, part of his role as the flashy one, the distractor: Chat Noir runs interference until Ladybug figures out how to save the day.

This time, like every time, Ladybug keeps fighting, because at the end of the day, Chat Noir is always okay. This time, not for the first time, Ladybug hugs Chat Noir when the latter comes back to life. This time, for the first time, Ladybug loves Chat Noir.

Unpopular opinion

I don’t think flushing the yeerk pool at the end of the series makes Jake a war criminal. Was it fucked-up? Sure. Was it ruthless? Undoubtedly. Were there better ways to end the war? Probably.

But at the end of the day, Jake and the Animorphs were sixteen years old. They were children. They were child soldiers, who had been fighting since they were thirteen, and. How must that have affected their development? How did the war, the siege state that Jake lived in at his own home, the fear and terror and hatred, affect them?

And that’s not even considering that the magnitude of his actions probably didn’t even register until much, much later. At sixteen your brain isn’t even really equipped yet to truly understand death in the way a twenty year old would. In fact, not even your empathy nor impulse control is completely developed yet at that age. Add to it PTSD, depression, anxiety, insane levels of stress, the responsibility of the entire human race, his family having been taken, his brother, his cousin, and what do you get? A very angry, unstable teenager. A child soldier thinking in absolute terms.

I wanted to yell at the stupid prosecutor who accused Jake of being just like Visser One, because you have an adult colonizer on one hand, and a child soldier on the other, and it’s not the same at all.

What he did was terrible and I’m not sure I would be able to even live with myself in the aftermath of it, but I just can’t categorize a child as a war criminal, given the circumstances and the knowledge we have of human development and the fact that he had every right to be as angry as he was, and he wasn’t an adult to pull back and say HEY I SHOULD BE THE BIGGER MAN HERE. He was a child and although what he did was horrifying, I’d never be able to compare him to Visser One or call him a war criminal.

Please know that Thranduil is not the racist asshat that was portrayed in Jackson’s movie! Please understand that of the elves that reside in Middle Earth, Thranduil is one of the least racist and likely has no prejudice against the Silvan.

Tauriel calling herself a “lowly” Silvan elf and Thranduil agreeing with her is such a disservice to his character.

Thranduil and his father are the only elves in Middle Earth to have adopted the culture and language of the people they ruled willingly. They did not impose Sindarian language or customs onto the Silvan, they adopted the Silvan culture as if it where their own.

(Surprisingly, the ones that colonized and rule over Silvan (and there is no mention of them retaining the Silvan culture either) are the elves that Jackson glorifies the most, those being the rulers of Loth Lorien, Galadriel and Celeborn.)

So do not get into the Tolkein fandom thinking that Thranduil is racist. Jackson painted him in an awful light, but he is not like that. He’s their greatest King.

Having Twins with Benny.

- Firstly, finding out that you’re having twins.
- Your shocked.
- Benny is silent, too silent.
- You’d look over to him and he have tears running down his cheeks.
- You chuckle as the doctor asks if you want a picture and he just nods.
- You take the photo.
- He still hasn’t said anything by the time you’re in the car.
- ‘Benny?’
- He’d break out the trance.
- ‘We’re having twins.’
- ‘Finally.’
- He’d take your hand and rub it.
- Smiling he’d pull you in for a kiss.
- A very passionate one.
- He’d take the ultrasound and place it on the sun visor.
- ‘We need to double order everything.’
- You laugh, he was freaking out more than you.
- ‘We need to call the parents.’
- ‘We need to tell the team.’
- ‘We need-‘
- You stop him with a kiss.
- ‘We need to get home first.’
- He looks around and realize you were still in the car park.
- He smiles shyly.
- You wanted to keep the secret a little longer but when you and Benny enter the building, Bull asks a question that blows it.
- ‘So, how’d it go?’
- ‘We’re having twins.’
- You turn around and punch him.
- ‘We weren’t going to say anything.’
- He’d shrug his shoulders.
- The girls would be screaming and bouncing up and down for you.
- The guys would simply give you a hug.
- Them holding a party for you.
- You parents were just as surprised.

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She not daoine any favors
  • ETIENNE: Did a megalomaniacal overlord just try to kidnap your squire for breeding stock?
  • OCTOBER: Well it can't be me every week.

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Hey can you tell me little bit about your teami experience? I'm really interested in starting if but I'm not quite sure if it's really helping or not..

That’s funny as I’m typing this I’m sipping on some teami tea. 

As you guys know I’ve lost a shit ton of weight in the last few months (almost half a year now woah)

and I did most of it through diet and working out. But after losing nearly 150 pounds I started to plateau, hard. All of the sudden all the hard work I was putting in wasn’t enough, my body needed to run at max power to burn off the stubborn fat left over, that’s where the tea’s came in really handy.

My experience with teami has been overwhelmingly positive. And that’s coming from someone who started taking them well into their weight loss program. My only regret is not doing it sooner, I cannot imagine the effects these teas must have on people who are just starting out, it must be one hell of a boost. I definitely recommend it.

For those of you who don’t know what teami is they are a company that offer different tea blends with different effects for your body, their most popular set, a weight loss boosting detox program, teami skinny and teami colon, are the ones I’m currently using.

If you guys would like to check them out and try out the teas for yourself here’s their website: AND if you end up buying any of their kits or teas make sure you use the discount code “BENJI” for 10% off your entire purchase <3 

Let me know if this was helpful, and if you try out the teas share your results with me! Good luck ~

4 Reasons Independence Is the Right Path for Puerto Rico

By Maru Gonzalez

Puerto Rico is in a state of emergency. Its public debt, which Governor Garcia Padilla recently declared unpayable, is $73 billion and counting. Unemployment is hovering at a dismal 14 percent and 46 percent of the island’s inhabitants are living below the poverty line, a rate higher than that of any state on the mainland.

Puerto Rico’s recent surge in out-migration is also cause for concern. Spurred largely by the economic crisis, a historic exodus of residents to the mainland translates to a shrinking tax base which, in turn, puts additional strain on an already weakened economy and burdens those remaining on the island with higher taxes and dwindling resources.

Although a variety of suggestions have been proposed to save the island from default, here are four reasons a clearly articulated, multi-year transition to independence is the only long-term viable solution for Puerto Rico.

1. Puerto Rico’s serious and worsening economy is largely rooted in its colonial status.

As a U.S. colony, Puerto Rico’s insolvent municipalities and public corporations cannot declare bankruptcy. And because Puerto Rico is not independent, it is prohibited from seeking help from international financial institutions, leaving it with few options in the face of what seems like inevitable default. Yet while the right to declare bankruptcy is important in helping the island restructure its mounting debt, it is only part of a short-term solution to a crisis that is, at its core, deeply structural.

Puerto Rico’s economy is both limited by and dependent on Washington. Constrained by U.S. federal laws and regulations, the island’s economy lacks the structural capacity to thrive on its own. Puerto Rico has no control over its monetary policy and little control of its fiscal policy. Issues related to immigration, foreign policy and trade are dictated by U.S. law and U.S. regulatory agencies.

Further, because Puerto Rico has no actual representation in Congress, decisions are made with little to no consideration for the needs and general welfare of the island’s residents. Indeed, Puerto Ricans must adhere to laws passed by a government in which they do not participate. Independence would grant Puerto Rico a platform to address the debt crisis on its own terms and afford the island’s 3.5 million inhabitants the right to self-determination.

2. Statehood is a pipe dream.

Economic and cultural arguments aside, statehood has never been a real option for Puerto Rico. Contrary to Alaska and Hawaii, which were deemed “incorporated” territories with the intention of moving toward annexation to the Union, the decision to keep Puerto Rico as “unincorporated” was a ploy to avoid statehood.

Indeed, Puerto Rico’s status as an unincorporated territory means that it “belongs to, but is not part of the U.S.” And that is unlikely to change. A Republican-controlled Congress would never admit Puerto Rico — with its massive debt and overwhelmingly Democratic (and non-white, Spanish-speaking) voting base — into the Union, even if such a determination is made by the island’s residents.

3. Other nations have proved that independence is possible.

For far too long, the people of Puerto Rico have chosen to accept the comfort of a familiar yet broken status quo over the uncertainty of real, revolutionary change. Indeed, many on the island and in the diaspora adhere to a colonized mentality, one that believes an independent Puerto Rico is economically unsustainable. But liberated nations across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America have demonstrated otherwise.

Singapore is a prime example. With a size 14 times smaller than Puerto Rico, less natural resources, and a significantly higher population density, Singapore has thrived socially and economically since gaining independence — even exceeding the per capita income of the United States.

4. An independent Puerto Rico would more readily protect the welfare and the rights of its people than the United States.

Since the U.S. invasion of Puerto Rico in 1898, Washington’s relationship with Puerto Rico has been one of exploitation and convenience. From the Ponce Massacre and government-sanctioned programs aimed at forcibly sterilizing working class Puerto Rican women to unethical testing and human radiation experiments on Puerto Rican prisoners, the U.S. government has a shameful track record of transgressions on the island.

And let’s not forget Vieques: for more than 60 years the U.S. Navy used the island of Vieques as target practice. Though the bombings stopped in 2003, the U.S.’ legacy on Vieques continues in the form of destroyed land (over half the island is uninhabitable), shattered livelihoods, and increased rates of cancer, birth defects, and illnesses — the result of contamination from years of continuous bombings.

Yet because Puerto Rico lacks any real autonomy or representation, these and other travesties — both social and economic — are largely ignored. Independence would hold accountable elected representatives at all levels of government and restore power to the people

Discworld crossover with PoTC where Vetinari performs the wedding ceremony for Vimes and Sybil in the middle of the huge maelstrom battle.

ERICK 🌻 [Request]

This is for @fandoms-enthusiast 💕 Thank you for requesting! I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted.

The memories you’ll shared made you cry. The dumbass moments you guys have lived through made you laugh until they’d be tears rolling down the sky.
I guess you did love him. Even though you were too afraid to admit it. What if he didn’t love you back? He’d probably be digusted with me and I doubt if he’d hang out with me again.
Plus he deserves someone better than my ugly ass.


“ERICKKKKK. My new video game just arrived, wanna come over and play?” You practically screamed over the phone.
“Oh god I think I’m deaf now” He says while you grump over the phone.
“I’ll be there in another 5 minutes? Don’t want to miss your you crying face when you lose”
“Oh please just get your ass here.”
“Ok so we’re tied. I would play another to win but I’m honestly so bored right now.” You say while​ you fiddle around with the control buttons.
“Same here. Btw, do you want to watch something? It’ll kill time” He suggests.
“Sure,” You smiled.


Erick inserts a CD and walks away. “I’ll be back, I just need to get something. Watch the introduction while I come since I watched that part yesterday”
You press play and the person on the screen almost made your head burst. Why? It was Erick. Looking hot as hell. Like oh my God. What is life.
“Wait, he acts now?!”
After all the sexiness simply evaporated from your mind, you decided to press play and continue to watch this when you’re mind was calm again.

“Hey Y/N.” He smiled.
“We’ve been friends for like 10 years now and throughout those 10 years, I’ve felt something that doesn’t define the word ‘friend,’ it was more like a crush. I’ve always watched and cared over you in a loving way because you just mean so much to me. I haven’t been able to confess during these past years because, you’re too good for me and I promised myself that I wouldn’t do anything to sabotage our friendship. But I couldn’t just hold it in anymore. I would go crazy if I did.”
And the tv went black. ‘Oh what happened?’ You grabbed the remote.
And just then, a deep voice interrupted the silence.
“Y/N,” You turned and to see Erick holding a a beautiful bouquet just made you smile.
“You can say no to this and I would understand but here goes…
Will you be my princess? I promise you that I’ll never do anything to make you cry let alone frown.”

“YES! FINALLY. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I’M SORRY I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE DIGUSTED WITH ME IF I EVER CONFESSED TO YOU!” You screamed. As soon as you stopped talking, Erick grabbed you by your hips and kissed you. A kiss of love, reassurance and protection.
“Digusted with you? Never. I love you too much.”