colonize this

dan and phil play sims 4 #36: a summary

the hair is the waviest i have ever seen it i can’t stop staring

draw phil naked theme tune makes a comeback

mister english language degree strikes again with his semi-colon knowledge (proud bf dan reminds the world of phil’s degree once again)

dan can’t say no to phil 

especially when phil says ‘please’ in a small voice

dan’s genuine laugh came out and i rewound it eight times

phil may be a closet pyromaniac

phil has a power kink

“you think you know him, you think he’s an angel, no. phil will tempt you.” “i will”

“what are morals”



their channel bubbles are on the opposite side than usual so did phil edit or is dan being a proud bf boosting phil’s subs u decide

anonymous asked:

its possible pearl was made for white diamond but then given as a gift to pink diamond?

that  what i   think happened, Pink probably didn’t want a  pearl or what to colonize planets until  she was forced too, being a diamond and all and  white insisted she have a  pearl to  assist her and  gave her our pearl as a  gift.  

so our pearl originally was made for white diamond but given to pink diamond as a gift. 

anonymous asked:

Of course illegal europeans have nothing to worry about. I means that's tradition. White person comes to a country illegally, treats the native population like they dont belong in their own country. Because you know there are illegal Italians and germans out their calling immigration on latinos and asians and blacks who's families have been here for centuries

The appropriate terms are “Latinx” and “black people” but I definitely agree with you there. Native populations have been brutalized by European invaders, colonizers, etc. all throughout history, even beyond America. And on Italians, I’ve seen that some people say they’re People of Color while I’ve seen some who say they aren’t so I’m not entirely sure? But nonetheless, some do have whitepassing privilege so it would be easy to hide behind whiteness (not getting the full benefits if Italians are indeed People of Color) and call out immigrants of color, especially Latinx people.

And you’re absolutely right. People of Color have been here for centuries. First, I would like to say that Native peoples were here since before America was even formed, they’re the original people of this land. In addition, some of these lands were originally Mexico’s so for some Latinx people, they’re native to some of these lands too. Black people were here since the the “beginning” of this country. Some Asian people were here since the 1700s. So it would be very ironic that white immigrants would say anything about immigrants of color.

The west was built on racism. It's time we faced that.

Dead white men are revered by many as responsible for the advancement of civilization, says sociology professor Kehinde Andrews.

But, he argues, this so-called progress came at the expense of millions of people of color. 

Global inequality is not an accident, he argues – it is designed to keep the hierarchy of race intact.

[INFO] Another great news for our Youngjae. One of his favorite singers, Javier (The Voice Season 1 Winner) is accepting the idea of collaborating with him after a fan tweeted Javier about wanting Youngjae & Javier to collaborate together. Congratulations Youngjae & thank you @.Youngjaerise for the tweet. Let’s wait for the news.

Youngjae listed both Elliot Yamin & Javier as his favorite singers in his debut profile.
Canadian judge rules in favor of forcibly adopted First Nations survivors
Government is responsible for trauma of 16,000 indigenous children removed from families in ‘Sixties Scoop’ between 1965 and 1984, judge said

After a bitter legal battle that has lasted nearly a decade, a Canadian judge has ruled that the government is liable for the harm inflicted on thousands of First Nations children who were forcibly removed from their families and adopted by non-indigenous families.

Between 1965 and 1984, around 16,000 indigenous children were fostered or put up for adoption in an episode which became known as the “Sixties Scoop”.

Ontario superior court justice Edward Belobaba’s ruling Tuesday found in favour of survivors of the operation and their families, who argued that the forced removal robbed the children of their cultural identity and caused emotional damage that has resonated for generations.

“There is … no dispute that great harm was done,” Belobaba wrote. “The ‘scooped’ children lost contact with their families. They lost their aboriginal language, culture and identity. Neither the children nor their foster or adoptive parents were given information about the children’s aboriginal heritage or about the various educational and other benefits that they were entitled to receive. The removed children vanished ‘scarcely without a trace’.”

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