Alya thought hard, she really did. 

Back to the glitters in her eyelids that streaked all the way down to her cheeks from July, that cup of coffee down the seventh street in that cafe, instant cupcakes baked at midnight, the cool marble floors from the vast mansion that became momentarily mellow when the fireplace was ablaze and all she could stare at was bright blue eyes, eyes that she’d known for sixteen years and wanted to know for a thousand more. 

And her hands, perfectly manicured the way 7-year-old Alya said was too girly (she knew better now), soft and delicate and ones that carried the misconception of being frigid; perhaps untouchable. Ones that Alya knew were warm and slowly welcoming, a reluctant comfort seeker and a reluctant comforter. That was back in October, when she first held her hand when they strolled down the eighth street past that cafe. 

To fall in love is apparently to fall suddenly and Alya agreed yet disagreed. Because when she thinks about it to herself on afternoons when she lays sideways down on her couch, her arm wrapped around the girl’s waist, her face melting in her blonde bundle of hair with each tiny golden strand that fell to her face like it was magnet, she thinks back to six-year-old Alya who first clashed with those blue eyes. 

Six-year-old Alya who had her mom pick her up from pre-school, giving her a lecture about fighting others in school, let alone the daughter of the town mayor. Six-year-old Alya who, after her fair moments of silently grumbling to herself about how she was trying to defend her honor regarding who got to play on the swings first, turned to look at the bright skies above the car window that shone light on the fall leaves the way she liked it. Six-year old Alya, though she was definitely going to confront the same girl the next day, thought that girl’s eyes were like the skies just the way six-year-old Alya liked them; peeking through the shadows of high branches from the far distance when the fog mist would evaporate for the light to emerge ever so peacefully from the dark, greeting her each morning.

So it might’ve never been a sudden thing. But the part where she agreed it was?

That part was the sleepover.

battle ready

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okay what bout top 5 kiho moments in vlive?? >:DDD

LMAO so you guys are really finding ways to keep this going. alright i’ll go with it, let’s get it. i’m gonna guess you mean moments from live broadcasts??

#1 - i like to call this the kiho broadcast bc you had that part where wonho was waiting for ki to come into the room and he was all “he’s here!” when ki finally entered and then from them on it was just a lot of touching and team rocket in its full glory // full gifset here

#2 - this vlive right here i felt SO SORRY TO MINHYUK having to be in the middle of these two just mindlessly flirting like this whole comeback countdown was just kiho dashing compliments at each other i loved it // full gifset here

#3 - so remember that vlive a long time ago when wonho was wearing pink and ki kept calling him pink princess?? and then wonho absentmindedly answered and then got super shocked/flustered when he realised he answered to ki calling him pink princess i’m :(( // full gifset here

#4 - this one is just self explanatory like who was he trying to fight akjdjsj and then his smile afterwards i’m REALLY SHOWNU IN THE BG // full gifset here

#5 - why is wonho always out here ready to hug kihyun when he’s laughing. like sjfjsskdjfj if it’s not an unnecessary back hug, it’s a side one and kihyun just always goes along with it like okay lmao // full gifset here

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Wait what did kj do?

he liked a comment on insta that says: “making fun of fat people is the only thing that’s gonna stop those useless bags of shit dying a fat early death”

all around fatphobia and fat shaming. by liking the comment, he’s agreeing with the post and stating that fat people are useless bags of shit and that all fat people are going to die young. he agrees that making fun of fat people will encourage behavior of “getting thin”. he agrees that making fun of fat people is okay at all.

Before throwing Jak out of Haven City and into the wasteland, the council very likely at least gave him a hearing first, with chance to appeal, but Ashelin wouldn’t let him show up in street clothes because “she wanted him to make a good impression”.

It didn’t make much of a difference in his case, especially when combined with a chronic case of resting bitch-face, saying Count Veger “looked like just another stupid asshole” to his face, and overall just being one violent maladjusted motherfucker.

RIP Jak, enjoy eating sand and heatstroke for breakfast.