Senator Murray Sinclair answers the question, why can’t Indigenous people just ‘get over’ the residential school experience. Murray Sinclair was the chair of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada, which was created in response to the abuses in Residential Schools.

A must watch.

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So, I haven’t posted about this, or even told very many people, because I’ve basically been working on not thinking about it too much.

Since I’m over 50, my doctor kept bugging me to do a colonoscopy. I finally caved in, sort of, and did one of those ‘cologuard’ tests for colon cancer. It came back positive. 

There is certainly a possibility that this is a false-positive, and that’s kinda what I’ve been holding onto to keep myself afloat. Tomorrow I have a diagnostic colonoscopy to find out if there really is anything, or if the cologuard test was wrong.

Today I’m on clear liquids only, and at 5pm and midnight I have to drink a half-gallon of … roto-rooter clean out stuff. Joy.

So, I’ll let you know what the results are when I know. I’m pretty sure it won’t be tomorrow, but I forgot to ask them when I get the results. 

On the positive side, I’ve been trying to psych myself up to do a day of fasting each week, so this kinda forced it on me.

[INFO] Another great news for our Youngjae. One of his favorite singers, Javier (The Voice Season 1 Winner) is accepting the idea of collaborating with him after a fan tweeted Javier about wanting Youngjae & Javier to collaborate together. Congratulations Youngjae & thank you @.Youngjaerise for the tweet. Let’s wait for the news.

Youngjae listed both Elliot Yamin & Javier as his favorite singers in his debut profile. 

“Well, sah, not everone agrees with what he does, sah.”
“Are we by any chance talking about Wallace Sonky? The manufacturer of rubber goods?”
“Boots and gloves seem noncontroversial to me, Acting Captain.”
“It’s… er… the other stuff, sah!” Colon coughed nervously. “He makes them rubber wallies, sah.”
“Ah. The preventatives.”
“Lot of people don’t agree with that sort of thing, sah.”
“So I understand.”
Colon drew himself up to attention again.
“Not natural, in my view, sah. Not in favor of unnatural things.”
Vetinari looked perplexed.
“You mean… you eat your meat raw and sleep in a tree?”
“Oh, nothing, nothing.”

– on unnatural things | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

reasons to watch juana inés:

  • it’s based off a real-life mexican poet who is widely considered the first published feminist of the new world. 
  • it even includes some of her poems/writings as voiceovers
  • also there’s speculation that she was a lesbian and that’s touched upon in the show!!! a lesbian nun!!!!! 
  • it doesn’t ignore what was happening outside of the court. that is, it shows the racism and colonization in really jarring scenes imo. personally i wish it had been in it a little more, and i especially wish they’d included part of sor juana’s loa to divine narcissus, but… it is what it is. 
  • personally i love the acting and the plots and the antagonists are just so annoying like let my girl write!!!! let her live!!!!
  • it’s only seven episodes long 
  • the cinematography is honestly so beautiful??? some of the shots still have me speechless they’re just so breathtaking and vibrant. 
  • literally i just love it so much and that might be because i love sor juana and i’m biased but also i just? really love it??? 
  • like it honestly did just such a good job imagining her life and it is just so beautiful
  • in summary: watch it
This Archeologist Is Clapping Back After B.C. Wrote First Nations Out Of Its History
“I want the government to rethink how they’re doing this."
By Lindsay Kneteman

An archeologist is using some crafty editing and a passion for First Nations rights to challenge the colonial history lining B.C.’s highways.

One of the examples of her work:

lemme just ask why puerto rico gets little to no representation….? we are an island of people. why is puerto rico depicted as an island with very few cultural practices? i cannot find one book on puerto rican history, on puerto rican social justice, nothing. is it because we’re too far colonized? we are always lumped together with beautiful mexico–but mexico is not us. it seems as if we have nothing. nothing.
Canadian judge rules in favor of forcibly adopted First Nations survivors
Government is responsible for trauma of 16,000 indigenous children removed from families in ‘Sixties Scoop’ between 1965 and 1984, judge said

After a bitter legal battle that has lasted nearly a decade, a Canadian judge has ruled that the government is liable for the harm inflicted on thousands of First Nations children who were forcibly removed from their families and adopted by non-indigenous families.

Between 1965 and 1984, around 16,000 indigenous children were fostered or put up for adoption in an episode which became known as the “Sixties Scoop”.

Ontario superior court justice Edward Belobaba’s ruling Tuesday found in favour of survivors of the operation and their families, who argued that the forced removal robbed the children of their cultural identity and caused emotional damage that has resonated for generations.

“There is … no dispute that great harm was done,” Belobaba wrote. “The ‘scooped’ children lost contact with their families. They lost their aboriginal language, culture and identity. Neither the children nor their foster or adoptive parents were given information about the children’s aboriginal heritage or about the various educational and other benefits that they were entitled to receive. The removed children vanished ‘scarcely without a trace’.”

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