The U.S. government: We don’t want the DAPL “protesters” to freeze or anything, so they need to evacuate. We care about them and are worried about their safety.

Also the U.S. government:

*Takes militarized action against the water protectors*
*Sprays them with water cannons*
*Shoots them with rubber bullets*
*Fires tear gas and sprays them with mace*
*Fines those who bring supplies to the camp thousands of dollars*
*Literally wants to put a major pipeline that is likely to spill and cause major disasters near their water supply and homes*
*Destroys areas of cultural importance for the pipeline construction*
*Wants to continue destroying areas of cultural importance for the pipeline construction*
*Has openly colonized and abused indigenous Americans since forever and does everything in their power to keep indigenous Americans in poverty*
*Ignores that people fucking live there*
Canadian judge rules in favor of forcibly adopted First Nations survivors
Government is responsible for trauma of 16,000 indigenous children removed from families in ‘Sixties Scoop’ between 1965 and 1984, judge said

After a bitter legal battle that has lasted nearly a decade, a Canadian judge has ruled that the government is liable for the harm inflicted on thousands of First Nations children who were forcibly removed from their families and adopted by non-indigenous families.

Between 1965 and 1984, around 16,000 indigenous children were fostered or put up for adoption in an episode which became known as the “Sixties Scoop”.

Ontario superior court justice Edward Belobaba’s ruling Tuesday found in favour of survivors of the operation and their families, who argued that the forced removal robbed the children of their cultural identity and caused emotional damage that has resonated for generations.

“There is … no dispute that great harm was done,” Belobaba wrote. “The ‘scooped’ children lost contact with their families. They lost their aboriginal language, culture and identity. Neither the children nor their foster or adoptive parents were given information about the children’s aboriginal heritage or about the various educational and other benefits that they were entitled to receive. The removed children vanished ‘scarcely without a trace’.”

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