colonial apologism


A work friend loaned me this book, ‘How the West won’, and I’m not sure I can take it seriously OR read it. We’re on page three and he’s said twice that 'Europe didn’t get rich by draining wealth from its colonies. The colonies drained wealth from Europe, and gained the benefits of modernity’. Bull. Shit.

If Trump becomes president he’ll make America great again.

He’s gonna fuck up so bad that by the end of his second year the fall of Rome will look like a stumble. Queen Elizabeth is gonna swoop in, reclaim the colonies, make us apologize for the little tea incident, than free healthcare for everyone! Strict gun control laws, racist trigger happy cops will lose their guns… Ok, so, technically we won’t be “America” anymore, and no more 4th of July, but we will be better off.

In the future when the mother country is going “Remember, Remember the 5th of November” on Guy Fawkes Night, a few days later we’ll be going “Remember Remember the 8th of November” on D.Trump Night.