♂ American Yellow Warbler @ Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Etobicoke (mid-July, early morning, sunny).

Yellow Warblers eat mostly insects that they pick from foliage or capture on short flights or while hovering to reach leaves. Typical prey include midges, caterpillars, beetles, leafhoppers and other bugs, and wasps.

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hey you guys. so. my best friend colonel-sebbmoran​ has commissions open. and his art is literally so amazing. like. he is one of my favourite all time artists. if you want to check out some of his art this is his tag. if you want a fursona you can check out his FA by clicking here. i know he has some slots open currently. 

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even if you can’t afford to commission him every little donation matters. he’s in an unhealthy environment so anything will help at all. it’ll help him with gas to go to and from job interviews, food, everything. if you can’t afford please signal boost. 

*** Người sáng lập KFC và câu chuyện Thành Công Đến Muộn ***

Colonel Sanders, người sáng lập Kentucky Fried Chicken, là một ví dụ của thành công đến muộn. Ở độ tuổi sáu mươi, ông buộc phải đóng cửa nhà hàng đã hoạt động vài năm của mình. Mặc dù thế, ông hoàn toàn tự tin vào món gà rán đã từng là món bán chạy nhất tại nhà hàng, và ông không từ bỏ ý định tiếp tục làm và bán nó. Ông nảy ra ý định thuyết phục các nhà hàng khác thêm món này vào thực đơn của họ.

Ý tưởng ở đây là ông sẽ truyền công thức bí mật để làm món gà rán cho các nhà hàng, và họ phải trả ông một phần trăm doanh thu nhất định như là tiền bản quyền. Đây được coi là ví dụ đầu tiên trên thế giới về mô hình kinh doanh “nhượng quyền”.

Colonel Sanders chất một chiếc nồi áp suất và hỗn hợp gia vị đặc biệt của mình lên xe và đi tiếp thị tại một loạt các nhà hàng, nhưng rất ít nhà hàng thấy hứng thú. Dù vậy, ông ấy không từ bỏ ý định, và tiếp tục gieo những hạt giống, ngủ lại trên xe hết đêm này qua đêm khác.

Mười năm sau, ông đã có được hợp đồng nhượng quyền với sáu trăm nhà hàng trên khắp nước Mỹ. Đó chính là khởi đầu của chuỗi thương hiệu gà rán Kentucky Fried Chicken ngày nay. Lúc đó, Sanders đã hơn bảy mươi tuổi!

Cây hoa anh đào nở rộ vào mùa xuân nhưng không có lấy một nụ hoa vào mùa đông, cứ như thể nó đã héo và chết. Lý do là ánh nắng mặt trời của mùa xuân - một “điều kiện” - chưa xuất hiện. Nhưng một khi cái cây tưởng như đã chết héo đó gặp những tia nắng ấm áp của mùa xuân, nó sẽ nở hoa.

Với rất nhiều người trên thế giới thành công đến với họ muộn song đó lại là những thành công rực rỡ. Dù sớm hay muộn nhưng khi hạt giống đã được gieo thì nó luôn đơm hoa kết quả.
Nếu một người nào đó làm việc chăm chỉ để cố gắng đạt được cái gì đó, nỗ lực của họ chắc chắn sẽ là những hạt giống dành dụm từ bây giờ để tương lai đơm hoa kết quả. Nhiều khi, dù chúng ta đã nỗ lực rất nhiều, thành quả vẫn không đến, điều đó có nghĩa là tia nắng mặt trời mùa xuân làm cho hoa nở vẫn chưa xuất hiện. Chúng ta chỉ cần chờ đợi, không cần vội vàng, ánh mặt trời ấm áp sẽ chiếu xuống và những bông hoa sẽ nở.


Ngày hôm nay, bạn đã gieo hạt giống cho thành công ngày mai sẽ nở rộ của mình chưa? :) Câu chuyện nằm trong cuốn sách “Hạt Giống Hạnh Phúc” - FRIDAY phát hành tháng 8/2015 <3~

Headcanon that maybe Sarge knew Allison and was on the same squad, and was transfered to Blood Gulch after her death because the Director felt he was partially responsible, being the only one to make it out of the failed mission alive.

Headcanon that he knows exactly who’s daughter Carolina is, it’s hard not to know, when she’s so much like her mother.

  • veronica:THIS BITCH
  • ashley:slow down
  • veronica:IN MY LILACS
  • ashley:uhhh
  • pam:i think it was colonel mustard with the candlestick
  • ashley:
  • veronica:
  • ella:
  • pam:
Lascivious Chapter Two

Title: Lascivious

Parings: Eventual Royai and Havolina

Rating: T

Summary:  If alchemists live by the concept of Equivalent Exchange, it seems only natural that Roy Mustang must replace what he has destroyed. Lust!Roy

A/N: This chapter’s picks up with Riza’s POV. Hope you guys like it! Thanks again to rizascupcakes for reading this for me


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Around 250 Soldiers from The Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS), will deploy to Kabul in Afghanistan this week to support training for the Afghan National Army.

Commanding Officer of 2 SCOTS, Lieutenant Colonel Graeme Wearmouth said: “We’ll be in Kabul to provide an extra layer of protection and control for the wider NATO mission but our main responsibility will be to support the Afghan forces who lead on security in the area.

“This is a great opportunity for us, we’re a light role infantry battalion taking up a mechanised role with the use of the Foxhound vehicle.

“Many members of the battalion have previously deployed to Afghanistan in combat roles, this is a completely different mission for us and a lot of work has gone into training and preparing the soldiers for this deployment.”

The battalion has previously completed three Combat tours in Afghanistan and is well prepared for the next challenge of carrying out a supporting role in the country. 

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This is for skatewitchs because I love him v much

As Close As I Can Get

49min | 14 tracks


  • Cupid Come /// My Bloody Valentine
  • Crazy For You /// Slowdive
  • Serpentskirt (with Cocteau Twins) /// Faye Wong
  • First love/Late spring /// Mitski
  • Terror Couple Kill Colonel /// Bauhaus
  • Here Comes Your Man /// Pixies
  • Daydream /// Beach Fossils
  • Barnacle Beat /// The Growlers
  • Dark Entries /// Bauhaus
  • Horchata Acoustic /// Vampire Weekend
  • Head Over Heels /// Tears for Fears
  • Cut Your Bangs /// Radiator Hospital
  • When the Sun Hits /// Slow Dive
  • Photograph /// Arcade Fire

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=Milly burst into Mileena's room= "the colonel wishes to see use, they have found more of us, the Locust are trying to get to them!"

Mileena sat up immediately, grabbing the mask laying next to her bed and pulling it over her face. “Show me.” 

In July the Confederates massed a force of almost five thousand Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole, and Cherokee troops, together with some Texas cavalry, near Honey Springs, Creek Nation, in preparation for an attack on Fort Gibson. On July 17, they were attacked and defeated by an army of almost three thousand federal troops. In August, a force of forty-five hundred Union soldiers crossed the Canadian River and destroyed the important Confederate munitions depot at Perryville, Choctaw Nation, before re-crossing the river. On September 1, Union troops captured Fort Smith, Arkansas, cutting off supplies flowing into the territory from the east. In February 1864, fifteen hundred troops made a quick strike down the Texas Road the main trail to Texas from Missouri through the Choctaw Nation almost to the Red River. Colonel Phillips had his men systematically destroy everything in their path, telling them, “I do not ask you to take prisoners.”

The war now entered its final and most destructive phase. Union forces settled in north of the Arkansas and Canadian Rivers, in the Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole Nations. Sixteen thousand pro-Union Indian refugees moved south from Kansas to new camps near Fort Gibson, where they lived off rations issued by federal troops. At the same time, the Confederate forces were reorganized. The Creek, Seminole, and Cherokee units became the First Indian Cavalry Brigade, commanded by Stand Watie, now a brigadier general. The Chickasaw and Choctaw units became the Second Indian Cavalry Brigade.

In the region controlled by the Union, pro-Union Indians, supported by federal troops, began wreaking vengeance on Southern sympathizers. They burned homes, stole livestock, and murdered many who opposed them. Thousands of Creek, Cherokee, and Seminole families fled south. By the fall of 1864 almost eleven thousand pro-Confederate Indians were living in disease-ridden camps along or near the Red River, while thousands more had fled farther south into East Texas.

Poorly armed and short of supplies, Watie and his Confederate allies responded with highly effective guerrilla raids into Northern-held areas. General Watie’s main target was the long federal supply line from Kansas, which was critical not only for providing troops, but also for provisioning the large camps of Union refugees. Small cavalry units carried out most of these raids, but Watie would attack federal forces whenever he found a good opportunity. In June 1864 he captured the supply steamboat J. R. Williams on the Arkansas River. In September, he struck just south of the Kansas line, capturing a supply train of 240 wagons and 740 mules at Cabin Creek Crossing. Watie also ordered the burning of Tahlequah as well as the plantation home of John Ross at Park Hill. Many of his men took vengeance on pro-Union families whenever they encountered them.

As the war approached its end, anarchy prevailed throughout most of Indian Territory. Union and Confederate “deserters,” Indians and non-Indians alike, formed outlaw gangs and roamed the countryside, indiscriminately killing, burning, and looting. In the last months of the war, some of the high-ranking Union officers joined in the lawlessness, stealing over three hundred thousand head of Indian-owned cattle and driving them to Kansas.

The Civil War in Indian Territory ended on July 14, 1865, when the Chickasaws and the Caddos surrendered. This was after the surrender of the last Army under the command of Cherokee Brigadier General Stand Watie. General Watie surrendered at Doaksville (located in present day Choctaw County Oklahoma), in the Choctaw Nation, on June 23, 1865. This was nearly four months after the surrender of General Robert E. Lee. The Indian people and the Confederates in Indian Territory was out of supplies and cut off they had no choice but to surrender.

The war had been fought at an incredible cost. Estimates of those who were killed or died of war-related causes range as high as 25 percent for the Creeks, Seminoles, and Cherokees. Other estimates show that out of a total population in excess of sixty thousand for the Five Civilized Tribes, over six thousand and possibly as many as ten thousand died. The economy of Indian Territory was totally destroyed; almost every house, barn, store, and public building had been burned. The vast majority of Indian families had been reduced to impoverished, homeless refugees. Nevertheless, there was one more blow yet to fall. Even though almost as many members of the Five Civilized Tribes had served in the Union Army as had served in the Confederate Army, the federal government declared its treaties with the tribes to be void and forced the tribes to negotiate new treaties that ceded the western part of Indian Territory to the United States.

The Indian people lost their freedom, their land, society, their dignity, their livelihoods, and the right to govern themselves as a people because they believed in and fought for the Southern Cause.

Tuesday Morning Pick-Me-Up

Seeing as how it’s a dreary Tuesday morning here (the sun is shining, but I woke up this morning to driving rain and a truly epic thunderstorm) and telemarketers keep harassing me, I felt like sharing one of my favorite things. Namely, footage from one of the greatest concerts ever. Or at least, one of the greatest concerts that Freddie Mercury was not involved in (right, theheulwen?).

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He had to stand for this; not just out of respect, but because of their history. During their time together in the military, Roy could safely say it was time well spent. Edward may have been a brat at times, and hell, Roy wasn’t the best at having manners, but all the same, Mustang couldn’t have asked for a better underling.

The colonel stayed behind his desk, keeping the atmosphere professional for now. Words fell from plush folds smoothly, his tone of voice serious, yet respectful.

“I normally don’t do this kind of thing; it’s something for the higher up’s to do..” Roy would have shrugged, but the action didn’t fully register in his mind to do so. “But I asked to be the one to do it.” Without much else to say, Roy stretched his hand out, offering his utmost respect in a mutual handshake. “You’ve done a lot for this military, Elric, and I don’t think I have to go into detail when I say that. As of late, the military has decided to release you from your collar and leash. We no long require your service, at least, not so much anymore; you have been honorably discharged. Thank you for serving and protecting your country, Edward Elric.”

As he said this, Roy’s voice got considerably quieter, all the way down to a content volume. As he waited for his friend to shake his hand, Roy beamed down at Edward with a look he rarely gave others.