(Short) Theory: What if the Riggins Hospital Scene... was in Dirk’s mind?

So, after this post the discord reminded me that there is another interaction with Riggins and Dirk, albeit Dirk is unconscious. This is in the last episode, the last look we have at Riggins. As the audience, we have just seen Amanda leave Todd for her new family - the Rowdy Three. We have just seen Bart and Ken promise to remain together. We have just seen Farah embrace Lydia and embrace herself as a person.

And then, the next scene…

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"Harder colonel" becoming a meme among the team after someone (Ed) went to ask Riza a question and overheard it. Like Jean walking up to Roy with papers and going "Yeah man youre going to have to resign these. when you use these pens you need to press HARDER COLONEL"

Fjsjdkd ANON OMG

-“If you want to get out of here on time you’re going to have to work harder, Colonel”

-*after Roy aggressively hangs up on Hughes* “I don’t quite think you hung up the phone, why don’t you slam it harder, Colonel?”

-*rearranging the office* “This desk isn’t gonna budge. Push harder, Colonel.”

Fhsjsh someone help me out I’m too tired to think of anything clever but 👀👀


British Pattern 1821 Light Cavalry Officer’s Sword, the sword of Colonel A.G. Peyton of the 9th Bengal Lancers (Hodson’s Horse)

A superb Wilkinson cavalry officer’s sword, numbered and marked to Colonel Algernon George Peyton of the 9th Bengal Lancers (Hodson’s Horse), who had a long career, fought in the Sudan and became the Commander of Hodson’s Horse!

Colonel A G Peyton: Commissioned August 1880 2nd Lieut in the East Surrey Regiment, then moved to 9th Bengal Lancers in 1884 with his rank dated back to Jul 1881. Jul 1881 Lieut. Aug 1891 Capt. Aug 1900 Maj. Aug 1906 Lt Col. 1904-1911 Commander of Hodson’s Horse. Retired August 1912 as Colonel. Returned to the Army in WW1. Died 28 April 1938.

Colonel A. G. Peyton (then a Lieutenant) served in the Sudan campaign in 1885 and was present in the engagements at Hasheen and the Tofrek zereba (Medal with two Clasps, and Khedive’s Star). He served with the Chitral Relief Force under Sir Robert Low in 1895 with the 9th Bengal Lancers (Medal with Clasp).

The sword itself is in overall good condition considering the hard campaigning it has evidently been through. Everything is tight in the assembly, the blade is straight and service sharpened, the etching clear, with even patina overall. The grip is in good condition, with all the shagreen and some expected wear to the silver grip wire. Simply a wonderful sword that has actually seen combat in one of the most illustrious cavalry regiments of the British Army. The scabbard is missing and as can be seen from the photo below was almost certainly a wood and leather field service scabbard which has perished. This sword was formerly unidentified and came to me in a neglected condition; I have cleaned it carefully and minimally. Apart from being a great sword by itself, this has a top notch history with years of research potential. There are even first hand accounts from events where this sword was present.

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wait what am i missing who's riggins?

Colonel Scott Riggins. There was a suggestion, early on in fandom, that he might have been a father figure to Dirk. Dirk’s reaction to Riggins in this scene convinced me otherwise. I opted against discussing it because I didn’t want to start Hairgate 2.0, but since then the sort of associated comic books have confirmed him as a Very Bad Man. Hope that helps!

listen sometimes ur brain just comes up with ridiculous AU ideas & you can either ignore them or roll with it long enough to share it with the world

that being said

Elle Woods as Captain America. 

sometimes i like to think about Bucky’s reaction if he’d been there to hear some of the stuff people have said to Steve like

Colonel Phillips: I asked for an Army and all I got was you. You are not enough.
Bucky: I have never once in my life seen Steve back away from a fight when he believes in a cause. Steve was stronger and braver than any man i ever met when he was 100lbs soaking wet, let alone now. And the one thing he 100% believes in is the need to stand up to a bully, so with that said, Sir, Steve is more than enough.

Tony Stark: Everything special about you came out of a bottle.
Bucky: I’m sorry? What the fuck did you just say? When I met Steve he was 8 years old and skinny as anything and was pushing himself up off the floor again to defend 6 year old Suzie from a kid nearly twice her age who was raggin on her. Steve spent every Sunday afternoon picking up groceries for our neighbour who was too frail to make it to the store on his own, and he ain’t ever ask for anything in return. Steve enlisted 5 times to get into the army bc he wanted to do what was right. The serum didn’t give him any new traits, all it did was amplify everything special that was already there.

idk i just like to think about it sometimes u know