An 1827 pattern light infantry officer’s sword for a member of the Marlborough College Cadet Corps. who was later to become a Colonel in the Royal Marines, the 64cm blade of dumbbell section by Firmin & Sons, St. Martin’s Lane, London, etched with crowned VR cypher, light infantry bugle, foliate scrolls, etc. and within a panel near the ricasso ‘Bernard C. Gardiner. Marlborough College Cadet Corps. 1896.’ regulation steel guard incorporating light infantry bugle, fully chequered back-strap, fish-skin covered grip bound with copper wire, complete with its steel scabbard with two hanging rings, blade rather discoloured.


Colonel Bernard Calwoodley Gardiner C.B. Royal Marines.

Born 1879, educated at Marlborough College, commissioned Royal Marines 1897, Colonel 2nd. Commandant by 1929. Served Great War 1914-1918, C. B. 1919. He died at St. Alban’s Priory, Wallingford in 1932.

Syrian refugee “teens” linked to numerous crimes after being arrested for murder

Two 19-year old Syrians were arrested near the Austrian city of Salzburg. They have since confessed to the murder.

The victim was a Serbian man who worked as a cleaner at the Salzburg train station. They had befriended him after which the victim invited them to his house. They accepted his invitation having already planned the crime as shown by their purchase of a “death kit” they bought prior, made up of items such as disposable gloves and tape.

Once in the victims house they tied his hands with cable ties and subjected him to a beating. The goal would have been to get the man’s bank code and withdraw money. It is not known whether or not they succeeded, but they ultimately decided to strangle the man.
In an attempt to cover their tracks they put the man in his bathtub and filled it with water, detergent and soaps.

After the brutal murder the two ransacked the appartement, according to Police Colonel Karl-Heinz Pracher from the State Criminal Police Office. They had taken a number of things, among which even the clothes of the victim. When police asked why the man wore the clothes he responded: “I don’t see why I should not, I washed them before I put them on.“

Fingerprints linked the men with numerous other crimes, ranging from property crimes to violent attacks with bodily injuries. One of the men had only been granted refugee status since 2014.

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Fire In His Eyes

Chapter One: Vivification

Summary: The homunculi decided that the best way to get Colonel Mustang out of the picture was by trapping his soul somewhere they never thought it would escape, and giving his body up to the homunculus Lust. Torn in two pieces, Roy struggles to accept his new body, while Riza struggles to find her Colonel and bring him home. link            ao3 link

Notes: Hello everyone! Here’s the first chapter to the fic I was talking about earlier this summer. It’s finally time for chapter one! If anyone wants a long explanation as to where I got the idea for this particular AU, there’s a longer post on my Tumblr (here) which covers it all. It’s just too long to write in an author’s note!

That being said, this story is going to be pretty long, and cover the time span between Roy’s meeting with Wrath through the end of FMAB. While I’m going to focus a lot on plot stuff, there is going to be a lot of blatant Royai ahead. That’s pretty much the only pairing in here though. T rating is for lots of angst and violence, and some language.

Thanks for reading! Next chapter is coming fairly soon because that was a pretty evil cliffhanger! Review and tell me your thoughts! I love knowing what people think about my stories!

Calloused hands.

Rough, worn spots on fingertips were not a novelty Lust was used to. Lust had never had the opportunity to become accustomed to hands that looked like they were meant for work. Callouses, scars, and the like never had a chance to manifest themselves, due to the homunculus’ advanced healing abilities. Any flaws or imperfections would be swept away by red lightning the second they may have appeared. These new, inherited scars would go in time as well, healed by the stone that brought Lust to life.

“So,” A voice called from the shadows as Lust sat up, scrutinizing this new body, clad in the vibrant cobalt of an Amestrian military uniform, “I see the procedure has gone successfully, then.”

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ship V

Starkiller Base finally decides to do something about their OTP!

Follows the headcanon that the entire Starkiller Base ships Kylux with Kylo Ren and General Hux being dragged into the mess against their will

part I, part II, part III, part IV

Hux and Kylo Ren know the Base is up to something when one of the colonels approaches them – separately – and innocently mentions that he would like to ask them a few questions about personal favourites to write on their pages in the (as he claims) Base-Internal Personnel Network.

Question 1: “What is your favourite colour?”

Hux: “Your blood, painted over the floor. Ask me another stupid question like that and we will find out exactly what that looks like.”

Colonel: “I’ll simply write ‘red’.”

Kylo Ren: “Black. Or maybe ginger. No wait, that’s not really a colour. Errr… Orangey-red…?”

Colonel: *squeals internally*

Q2: “What would you consider a romantic spot?”

Hux: “The centre of a sun. Shall I show you? I will make sure you get there, no need to worry about your return.”

Colonel: “I’ll simply write ‘someplace warm’.”

Kylo Ren: “There is an olive garden on Hosnian Prime. It smells of trees and olives and flowers the whole year long. Tiny birds flit between the branches and when the sun sets it bathes the whole place in golden light.”

Colonel (with tears in his eyes): “That was… oddly specific.”

Ren: “Oh, was I supposed to be more general? Anywhere outside is fine, I guess.”

Q3: “Favourite flower?”

Hux: “Seven bloody blazes, man, we are in the middle of an attack! Get back to your station! Shoot the front destroyer! If you miss again I will make all of you eat your blasters for supper!”

Kylo Ren: “Lily. Or rather, Iris. Blue Iris. Oh, that? Don’t mind that, it’s just blood. And a bit of brain matter maybe. Things got intense for a while. Oh, don’t worry, he wasn’t one of our men.”

Q4: “Where do you see yourself in five years…”

Hux: “I am head of the Senate, which is by then nothing more than a token democratic government. All real power has been transferred to me. Every single planet in the Galaxy pays me tribute. Every young person who is not employed in productive labour has been drafted into my army, which has by then grown into the most powerful fleet in the Galaxy. Nobody dares oppose me anymore. Those who do find themselves rotting away in labour camps with no chance to ever see freedom again. I am waited upon and serviced by slaves who have formerly been the most competent people in the Galaxy in their fields of expertise.”

Colonel: “… relationship-wise?”

Hux: “I stand by that answer.”

Kylo Ren: “Dead, probably.”

Q5: “Where do you see Kylo Ren/General Hux in that scenario?”

Hux: “Dead.”

Kylo Ren: “Dancing on my grave.”

Q6: “What is your favourite Pokémon?”

Hux: “Mewtwo. Obviously. No, that sounds too much like Jedi powers, doesn’t it? What else is there… are we only talking about the original one hundred and fifty-one? I don’t know. Do I look like I play children’s games to you?”

Kylo Ren: “Mew. …what? It seems so carefree. I like that.”

Q7: “What music do you listen to?”

Hux: “Anything but the Imperial March.”

Kylo Ren: “The Imperial March.”

Q8: “Beer or Wine?”

Hux: “Scotch.”

Kylo Ren: “Scotch.”

Colonel (whispers): “They’re perfect for each other!”

Q9: “If you were to stay on a desert moon for a year, what item/person would you not want to miss?”

Hux: “I could bring you. For target practice.”

Kylo Ren: “My lightsaber. Or maybe something more practical. Do I have food and clothes on the moon?”

Colonel: “How about a person? To keep you company on the lonely, lonely moon.”

Ren: “That’s exactly what’s enticing about it. Why? Whom did you have in mind?”

Colonel: “Nobody… in particular… I mean, generally speaking, being alone for a whole year sounds a bit tiresome… but that’s just people in general.”

Ren: “Well, it sounds like paradise to me.”

Q10: “What would be the perfect gift for you?”

Hux: “Kylo Ren, naked and covered in chocolate, served on a platter, ready to be devoured.”

(At this point the colonel’s brain shuts down temporarily)

Kylo Ren: “I don’t know, a new set of robes maybe…?”

The officers, supported by all the stormtroopers and the service personnel, set their plan into motion one snowy afternoon. The admiral who was once stupid enough to reveal their ship to Hux and Kylo Ren approaches Hux on the bridge and asks him to come to one of the common rooms, as they would like to discuss strategy on the outer border with him. Someone else gets Ren to the same spot.

The moment Hux and Kylo Ren enter the common room the doors close. Hux turns around.

“I apologize, Sir,” the admiral says via the intercom on the wall. “The door mechanism has been acting up for weeks. I will try to get it open again.”

Meanwhile one of the data system technicians changes the passwords and the fingerprint recognition entries. When Hux tries to open the door himself, nothing happens.

“It seems like things won’t be fixed quite so easily,” the admiral informs them in a breezy tone. He has to really keep it together not to start squealing. “We will get the doors open again as soon as possible.”

They sit down in the control centre to watch whatever follows via the surveillance camera system.

“What have we got?” the admiral asks one of the captains.

“Nothing much, Sir. They are two tough nuts to crack.”


“No. That proved pretty much impossible. We have scotch, though. And somebody provided chocolate. It’s in solid form, though, not molten. I am not sure what purpose it serves, Sir.”

“Are we sure this is a good idea?” The colonel who asked the questions asks as they watch Hux try the door again, get angry at it, turn around, and start yelling at Ren. Ren himself is surprisingly calm. For once he doesn’t try to solve things with his lightsaber. He simply sits there, looking up at Hux with a peaceful expression, replying to Hux’s rants from time to time. At least that is what seems to be going on. A pity there is only picture, no audio.

“Of course it’s a good idea,” the captain responds. “General Hux may play his games all he wants, but everyone knows that within these games there is at least a kernel of truth. All those two need it a gentle nudge in the right direction.”

“I don’t expect them to start making out in front of the cameras, of course,” the admiral remarks. “But something is bound to happen if we just leave them locked in together long enough, I am sure of it.”

The feed of the camera is transmitted onto every single monitor on the Base. Everybody is glued to the screens. They watch, open-mouthed, as Hux strides up and down in front of Ren, clearly pissed, and as Ren calmly responds to the general and offers him the scotch. Ren then lifts up one of the bars of chocolate and inspects it curiously. All of them have expected it to be the other way around. It makes them a bit nervous. The other way around would have been easy. Everybody knows how to deal with an upset Kylo Ren. General Hux when pissed, though… This might not end quite as lenient as they have hoped for.

Still, it will be worth it. Finally Hux sits down opposite Ren. He leans forward. Ren smiles at him and lays the chocolate on the table between them. Something is happening, everybody is convinced of that. Ren’s hand is lying on the table. It is basically ready to be gripped at any moment. What is the general waiting for?

Ren tilts his head. He says something. His smile becomes broader. Who has ever seen him smile so much? Kylo Ren doesn’t smile. It has got to mean something.

General Hux shakes his head. He seems to have calmed down a bit. Whatever is happening in there, it seems to be going well.

They are talking. Smiling (at least Ren is). They seem to be migrating closer every minute. The scotch has been forgotten. The chocolate, too, though now there has emerged a squad among the stormtroopers who hope that at some point one of them will start feeding the other with it.

Then Hux nods. He stands up, lifts his head, and looks directly into the camera. Everybody flinches back automatically, even though they can’t be seen. Hux turns towards the door and types something into the panel. The door slides open. Hux exits.

Kylo Ren stands up and follows Hux outside.

As fast as he can the admiral rushes towards the common room, one of the technicians by his side. This was not supposed to happen.

“Would you look at that, Admiral,” Hux says calmly as they meet. “The door was not broken, after all. Somebody simply changed the password. How lucky is it that I, as the general, have a master password that allows me to operate any mechanism on this base no matter how many times somebody tries to override the system.”

The admiral’s heart drops to the floor. Nobody knew about that.

“How very lucky, Sir,” he echoes in desperation. Kylo Ren walks past him and vanishes around a corner. The moment is gone.

“As it so happens, Admiral, I find myself in dire need of someone to service the shield mechanisms outside, though. I know there is a snowstorm happening right now, but it really can’t wait. Be a doll and do that for me.” Hux turns to one of the captains who has arrived by now. “And since we are confined to the indoors today, I think some extra training sessions should keep the men occupied. Let them work through the emergency drill three times and make sure that all of the officers, on and off duty, participate.”

The man pales. The emergency drill is no cakewalk. The emergency drill three times… that is simply inhumane.

Nobody dares protest, though.

That remains their one and only attempt at interfering so blatantly with matters of the heart concerning General Hux and Kylo Ren.

Some have learned their lesson and decide to give up after that. The majority, though, proves more resilient to Hux’s teaching techniques and determines that next time they just have to be more careful.


Giving colonel sanders some love. His story of persistence founding KFC is inspiring but it can NEVER make up for the destruction it creates globally hourly. 👎🏻👎🏻 #fuckkfc #govegan (at Michai, Nong Khai, Thailand)

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Okay, this was tough and I am sure I will be remembering people for days that i should have included and will then feel really bad about it… because I’m sad like that!

(I would also like to stress that these are in no particular order as it would just not be possible for me to do that)

1. Edward Rochester - Jane Eyre - The original fallen hero/ King of Angst

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2. Captain Wentworth - Persuasion - YOU PIERCE MY SOUL!

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3. Mr. Darcy - Pride and Prejudice - awkward Prince of Hearts

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4. Colonel Brandon - Sense and Sensibility - Broken Boy Soldier 

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5. Eric Northman - Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries/ True Blood - just I mean…

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6. John Thornton - North and South - LOOK BACK AT ME!

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7. Indiana Jones - Indiana Jones - HARRISON FUCKING FORD!

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8. Viktor Krum - Harry Potter - He saw her, when no one else had

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9. Dracula - Dracula - GARY FUCKING OLDMAN

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10. Captain Vontrap - The Sound of Music - I have no idea, maybe it was the whistle??

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Okay I’ve been sitting on this headcannon for like two weeks but I love the idea of them all playing board games together and Clue just seemed perfect so here

The gang playing Clue:

  • Sherlock: Is really good, but not as good as you’d expect. Enjoys playing because she loves board games, but says logical combos, (like knife in kitchen because the kitchen is where knives are most likely to be found, or the professor in the library due to the fact that the title of professor indicates a scholarly tendency, or the colonel with the revolver since military personnel have firearms training) even if it’s not really plausible and everyone gets really exasperated/confused bcos Sherlock Holmes should be THE BEST at Clue, but no, not quite
  • Jamie: Makes excessive puns based on everyone’s playing piece. She has Wendy be Mrs. Peacock because Wendy’s dress in Peter Pan is blue and she insists on playing as Ms. Scarlett because Scarlett Johansson. She says that Ms. Scarlett and Mrs. Peacock are dating. As a player she’s fine, but she doesn’t take as many notes as she should because she’s too busy thinking up puns
  • Eliza: somehow always accidentally reveals too much, either by bleeding her cards or by guessing the same stuff again and again. She also guesses (wrongly) really early (after like three turns) because she assumes the only way she has a shot against Violet, Sherlock, and Wendy is by chance. Also she has no idea who to root for to win
  • Stanley: surprisingly terrible and cannot keep a straight face when he learns something new, always gasps and tries to be subtle but fails. He also mouths the names of cards as he takes notes. Violet can always figure out his hand within the first two turns.
  • Wendy: Super into it and actually amazing at it. Takes notes on literally everything. Very methodical and has a complicated system of checks and x marks and refuses to explain it to anyone. Jamie thinks it’s the cutest thing (bcos it is). Wendy has never lost a game of Clue in her life, although sometimes either Violet or Sherlock comes very close to beating her
  • Violet: the secret mastermind. She sits back and watches them all and knows pretty much everything. But even so Wendy still wins and Violet’ll be one turn away from working it out when Wendy calls it and Violet doesn’t get how Wendy does it every time, even going up against Sherlock and herself