New Mod Here/ Changes?

Hello! I am the new mod for this blog! Some of you might know me as Colonel210 aka mod of thechalkponies blog, while some of you might not know me at all!

Anyway the point of this post is to let you know there might be some changes. For starters I am not a digital artist, I am a traditional artist.

Second, all responses will be with Boulder in real life OR boulder via chalkboard/traditional, whatever you guys like and/or prefer.

Lastly, their might be a story or something, I dunno, I’ll see how it goes from here!

Thank you all so much for listening and I look forward to this new blog! Feel free to ask questions about anything I missed!

New Mod

Hiya all! I am Colonel210, some of ypu might know my blog thechalkponies I am the new mod of this blog cause I asked Lunabotic if I could I have it and he said yes.

I am sorta half the reason this blog exists because it cane from a conversation I had with Lunabotic a while back!

Anyway I won’t be able to make images with blog ideas but I do have a lot of ideas so most of them will be text ideas. If anybody has questions, comments, etc. feel free to send them ^u^ thanks!

P.S.: Lunabot will make some post here once in a while with some ideas so don’t think he totally abandoned this! He loves ideas ^u^

Drew the Applejack toy in chalk this time. The reason the tail is different from the mane is because the mane is plastic whilst the tail is like actual hair, like the stuff on dolls and such. Behind her is her plastic keychain thing and my iPod. This is all done on paper.