Ahem. Some dark larrieing obviously came from Harry’s tweet and this is…interesting…to say the least. As a friend pointed out in a group chat: “So Elvis was on a label called Sun Records when he first began his career. He moved to RCA which is where he recorded his most known stuff, but it was his manager Colonel Parker who struck the deal with RCA. Elvis had to fire his old manager and hire Parker, which was officially announced on March 2nd.”

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Cadillac Deville Station Wagon, 1972. Perhaps the most famous Caddy Wagon, this car was converted by ASC in Southgate, Michigan for Elvis Presley who gave the car to his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. The car was returned to Graceland after Elvis’s death in 1977 where it remained until 1999 when it was auctioned off

Well this is the digital version of my big TAH fan piece. I sent a printed version to Acker and Blacker a few weeks ago, but I’d thought I’d share it with all of you.