colonel saul tigh


favourite minor character | requested by yoyomarules
battlestar galactica: colonel saul tigh (aka deputy downer)


When Lee said “I’ve granted them an amnesty” (about the Chief, Anders, Tigh, and Tory) I freaked out, almost started crying and was screamed LEE YOU ANRE WONDERFUL AND AMAZING AND THE BEST PRESIDENT EVERRRR to my computer. It would have been better if he didn’t grant one to Tory..but…well I love Lee. He’s amazing. 


Honestly, I could watch a show all about Col. Saul Tigh. He just cracks me the fuck up.


Okay okay okay… I just noticed something. So, in the episode with Calli’s funeral where Tory and Tigh come in to talk with Chief, the baby is crying. Tigh asks him about the baby and Chief says that he probably needs to have his diaper changed.

Tory kneels down to talk to Chief while Tigh goes off camera. You can hear Tigh talking to the baby in the background and the baby stops crying. Tigh says, “There, that’s better isn’t it?”

So… are you telling me… that Colonel Saul Tigh… just changed a baby diaper?

bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha oh my god, I don’t know why that strikes me as so funny, but I hope i’m not alone in this.