colonel roy

“White light fades to red
As I enter the City of the Dead

Rex tremendae majestatis
Qui salvandos salvas gratis
Salve me, Fons Pietatis
Salve me, Fons Pietatis”

i love my husband 

Many think that Riza is the kind of person who hides the fact that she is sick so she can keep working, and while that may be true, Roy actually does this far more often.

Riza can always tell when he’s pretending to be fine when he really isn’t and she has a few ways of getting him to go home and rest. She’s the only one he’ll listen to about the matter.

Collab on drawpile with @cassiepillsbury!! I had fun ;w; Sorry I take five billion years to finish my part…

Anyway, this is a super cute au where ed and al cat hybrids were adopted by mustang. Hawkeye comes in to help because roy was not as ready for parenting as he thought he was :3c Especially when it comes to troublemaker ed…