colonel mosby


Just came across this yesterday. Wolfpack5fan found a longer video of the Confederate Critter show. The animatronics don’t seem to be in great condition. I’m guessing because they were made in the late 1970s and by 1989 when this video was filmed they could have done with some repair work. 

Mosby’s Rangers

Mosby’s men never formally surrendered and were disbanded on April 21, 1865, almost two weeks after Lee had surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to Grant. On the last day of Mosby’s striking force, a letter from him was read aloud to his men:

Soldiers!I have summoned you together for the last time. The vision we have cherished of a free and independent country, has vanished, and that country is now the spoil of a conqueror. I disband your organization in preference to surrendering it to our enemies. I am no longer your commander. After association of more than two eventful years, I part from you with a just pride, in the fame of your achievements, and grateful recollections of your generous kindness to myself. And now at this moment of bidding you a final adieu accept the assurance of my unchanging confidence and regard.Farewell. John S. Mosby, Col.Wert, Jeffry D.Mosby’s Rangers, Simon and Schuster, 1991