colonel john mosby

Brigadier General Edwin Henry Stoughton’s Rump Slap By Colonel Mosby

Mosby’s Rangers (led by Confederate officer John S. Mosby) led a daring raid into Union Territory and captured Stoughton at Fairfax Court House on March 9, 1863.  After leaving a party, Stoughton retired to a nearby house that served as his headquarters. Mosby allegedly found Stoughton in bed, rousing him with a slap to his rear. Upon being so rudely awakened, the general shouted, “Do you know who I am?” Mosby quickly replied, “Do you know Mosby, general?” “Yes! Have you got the rascal?” “No but he has got you!”

Apparently, Edwin H. Stoughton was not popular with the officers and men of the brigade, and few mourned his loss… (Per wiki) President Lincoln, on hearing of the capture, said “he did not so much mind the loss of a brigadier general, for he could make another in five minutes; ‘but those horses cost $125 a piece!’”

After a two-month stay in Richmond's Libby Prison, Stoughton was exchanged, but saw no further service. He resigned from the Union Army in May 1863 and moved to New York. He died age 30.