colon city


A couple of the con floor photos of our Discworld group! 

Moist Von Lipwig is @khaoskomix

Sam Vimes is David

Fred Colon is Mollins (tumbr?)

Angua Von Überwald is Steph (tumblr?)

And Mort is me!

No idea who took the photos, if anyone can tell me that would be amazing!

and with Sam vimes and detritus i’m done with the main members of the ankh-morpork city watch. I could’ve gone for the classic clint eastwood inspired vimes, but i thought i would give a try making him look like a “slightly bulkier version of Pete Postlethwaite” ,to quote Pterry. I don’t remember if detritus was completely smooth or had some moss on him, but i always liked the idea of trolls having moss like facial hair, so i gave him a couple of mutton chops and a moss stubble X3. Anyways, i’m done with this piece i think. Thanks pterry for all the hours of fun and inspiration you gave us , you were really the best… T_T 

I can’t wait until we replace all the founding fathers on our currency with activists and all the conservatives leave america, attempting to colonize the lost city of atlantis cos they know their time is up


(( Click for full view! uvu

God, Panama’s such a small country but its so special - the capital alone is amazing, I‘ve been there twice myself and there’s still so much more I want to see !

Relevant Fun Facts !
(minus the ones that were mentioned above)
♦ The oldest continually operating railroad is in Panama. It travels from Panama City to Colon and back. It is also the most expensive railway network ever built - it costed 8 million dollars at its time (1850s).
♦ The Point, a large building in Panama City, is the tallest all-residential building in the western hemisphere. At the time of its completion, The Point was the tallest building in all of Latin America (but now its the Trump Tower)
♦ Panama City is the 2nd oldest city in all of Panama, post the founding of Panama’s original settlement; Santa Maria La Antigua Del Darien.
♦ The Panama City rain forest is also one of the only last tropical dry forests of Latin America.
♦ Panama City was the commerce hub / network of the Spanish Empire. Goods and riches from the Inca Empire (Peru) were stocked in Panama prior to being shipped to Spain, making Panama a wealthy colony which is initially attracted the 1671 Henry Morgan invasion (and many others).
♦ The Panama Canal, Panama’s star attraction, generates 1/3 of the country’s entire revenue.
♦ Regardless of actually owning the Panama Canal itself, Panama is only 11th on the top list of countries who use it most.
♦ The Panama Canal is the largest canal in the world, and is currently undergoing the large expansion project which should be ready within 2016. ))