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My heart goes out to everyone effected.

20 children.
6 adults
1 killer

Maybe this is what the Mayans were talking about. Not the world spontaneously combusting, but how the most dangerous weapon in the world is the human brain. It can destruct anything and everything, even it’s self. We have forgotten to value life and appreciate all that we have.

We have become immune to hearing about genocide,wars, terrorist attacks and murders everywhere. But this massacre,this massacre has opened our eyes to a different kind of killing. A killing of the only innocence left in the world. Children.

They have the bright imagination, they have the witty comments that always light up our day and make us giggle, and they are our dreamers.

They believe in themselves more than anyone else believes in them. They love themselves. This is something we need to follow. We need to love ourselves. They may be young but little did they know that they were an entire populations inspiration.


Rated: 5/5

Colombine - Dave Cullen

It’s hard to write a bad book about such an interesting subject and Dave Cullen doesn’t disappoint.  The Colombine shootings have been a source of interest for years as one of the most violent displays that teenagers have shown in history– but Cullen, a reporter, shows that this isn’t the case.  

He does an excellent job of portraying the teens as just that– teens.  He talks about their friends, their girlfriends, their families and he also gets into the warning signs that people around them may have missed: the petty vandalism, the threats, the experimentation with homemade weapons.  He discusses the true intention of the attack and brings up a bunch of rumors and theories and goes on the disprove them through the evidence he compiled based on his own research and that of the detectives on the scene.  He manages to make you sympathize with the shooters, the victims, and the town at large all at once.  Cullen wrote an excellent book with a great array of primary and secondary sources and a keen eye for suspense and when an individual’s story should be given certain attention.  A great read.

I dont understand how people can make jokes about 9/11, colombine, virginia tech, sandy hook, etc. It disgusts me. I dont understand how mass.amounts of innocent people being murdered is funny…i dont. And i dont understand how you can idolize the people who do it. I mean they have family and friends but i mean people who make them their heros because of the terrible things they did. This seems random but i wandered upon a blog that said “fuck 9\11, 9\11 was funny, honestly hilarious” and they edited pictures of the planes.hitting the towers etc. how was that funny, how was that funny. I promise you if their families.or friends were in any of these terrible events that they wouldnt be laughing now. I also saw it said that sandy hook was population control, thats not funny, your talking 22 children never being able to grow up , innocent kids that did not have a chance against the gunman, it honestly makes me sick to see comments like that. Jokes like that arnt funny their horrible. So many people lives were changed its not funny. Its not. Im not saying you cant have ur opinion i know some people dont care about it or they did but they got over it, thats fine and im not saying that you have to be sad about it all the time, i just dont like jokes about things like that..i just dont im sorry, its terrible. Ok sorry i typically dont rant but it honestly just…bothered me…ok im done