colombian parents

Ah my mom's Spanglish is great
  • *on the phone*
  • *in Spanish but I'm not typing in Spanish because not everyone understands it*
  • Mom: we're going to bk want us to get you anything?
  • Me: uhh maybe some value menu chicken and fries oh and tell my brother I said "poke"
  • Mom: What? Tote?
  • Me: no mom poke
  • Mom: Oak?
  • Me: poke!
  • Mom: Oak! Oak! Oak! Oak! Oak!
  • Brother: *in the background* no, poke
  • Mom: Oak! Oak! Oak!
  • Brother: *takes phone* What were you telling mom to say?
  • Me: poke
  • Brother: see poke with a p
  • Mom: oh no wonder I was confused
  • My brother and I: *laughing hysterically*
  • Mom: don't laugh at your mom, no food for you

I’m Shannon.

My Father is Irish, my Mother is Panamanian (Her parents are Colombian and Portuguese, she was born and raised in Panama). Physically, I am a harmonious blend of my parents skin pigments and hair textures, features and expressions. It is simply awe inspiring to take a step out of myself to examine myself, and then to step back a little further to look at my Mother and Father, and to then gawk and gaze at my two younger siblings who are entirely different works from me, yet come from the same makers. I realize I am watching evolution unfold before me. Life is beauty, we are all artists, and we are the art. Mixing of the paint.