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I have plenty of faith in Berlin based poet, singer songwriter, and producer Sumera after the wanderer at heart whose heritage consists of Caribbean, Colombian, and Portuguese roots entrapped our hearts with darkly haunting Animal earlier this year. Yet, I’m not sure I was entirely prepared for how truly enthralling her latest single Faith turned out to be. It’s an inky pulsing, sensual heaving, and tense throbbing aria that blends the opaque allure of Sevdaliza with the cinematic grandeur of HÆLOS ‘s trip hop. The moody yet delicate, visceral yet elegant song now comes accompanied with a video which Sumera shot on her own. Faith is out now on Don Diablo’s HExagon imprint. Stream/download, here.

“I was born in Barranquilla, on the coast of the Colombian Caribbean, and there, dancing is something very natural, like talking or walking. It’s the center of the culture. Some of the moves that I incorporate, that you see me do repeatedly, are inspired by things I’ve seen. I’ve also created some of my own moves. It’s a combination of many different things - the type of exposure I’ve had, the African culture in my own country, plus a Middle Eastern influence that somehow found its way into my DNA. Nobody taught me how to do it, it’s just been passed down through generations. But I consider dance a very serious form of art. I’m always searching for new ways for people to interpret the music.”