The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 100

Woohoo! This is post number 100! That’s unbelievable! I learned a lot about our hometowns. Even though Heiko and I don’t like each other, for this little project we met in Cologne and Munich. This and next week we want to share what we liked most in the other city.

Stephi: I love the cathedral in Cologne (first photo). It’s such an impressive building inside and outside. I remember that I said loud “WOW” when I was in the cathedral for the first time. I like the dark atmosphere mixed with the colorful windows.

Heiko: I had two ‘aha’-moments. One was when we went to Munich’s river, the Isar. My first reaction was: “You call that a river?” Stephi always said that the Isar is just a little river but to me it looked more like a little creek. We have rivers that size all around.
Still, the river had something magical. We went there in the evening hours and the sun already set with just a little orange glow of yellow and orange. The evening mood with the snow made this a great place to be even though it was colder than cold.

Thank you everyone for following our little series!

And no, I don’t like Stephi, at all.


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 98

Cold town, winter in the city is our theme for this week. What seems a bit strange because for a few days we have spring weather in our hometowns. But let’s ignore that for a few minutes and look at Cologne (first photo) and Munich (second photo) in winter with snow. You may see that Heiko’s photo of Cologne shows less snow than Munich’s. That’s no coincidence, Munich is in the south of Germany and close to the alps, so we simply do have more snow here. Every year Heiko and I have a discussion what is better, a winter with a lot of snow or a winter with less snow (which means more grey and rainy). We will never agree on this. But I think we agree that we both enjoy the few spring days this weekend.
Praise to the beautiful weather this weekend, which makes celebrating carnival for Heiko more comfortable.


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 106

If you ever visit Germany never underestimate the ticket machines here. If you think it’s easy to insert a coin and get the ticket then you’re right, it could be that easy. But not in Germany. To find out which ticket you need is a big hurdle you have to overcome. Sometimes I think if someone dodges the fare in Munich then it’s not because they want to avoid the cost it’s only because they didn’t know which ticket they need. 
I only can wish you good luck if you have to use the public transport system.

This week’s praise to everybody who was able to buy the correct ticket and criticism to the complicated system.