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Who the royals main in smash bros and why?


Azura - Sonic. He’s fast and he’s blue, and Azura relates to him because she, too, does best when avoiding most forms of close combat. She usually just runs all around the stage and keeps a perfectly straight face, while her opponents try to chase her down.

Corrin - Lucina. Honestly, they just think she’s cool, and they love decimating their foes with swordsmanship. (They probably also feel a kindred bond to her, since they’re both in the protagonist/lord squad)


Ryoma - Ryu. The moment Ryoma saw that there was an angrily yelling man who defeats foes through martial arts, how could he resist?? He still has a bit of trouble with all the inputs, but the man’s just doing his best and having a good time.

Hinoka - Little Mac. She’s just a Little Mac type of girl, honestly. She claims that she admires his strength against diversity and fighting spirit, but honestly? Hinoka just likes punching things. She’s always going off the edge, though.

Takumi - Pit. Why? Archery. The guy can snipe people from across the stage, and it’s honestly ridiculous. Like, seriously, if you go off the edge at any point, there’s no hope of getting back because Takumi is there just. Sniping you.

Sakura - Lucas. She really likes that such a shy and timid guy could be a fighter- honestly, she relates to him. Lucas’ distance spells keep her opponents away from her, which is exactly what the cute lil princess prefers.


Xander - Diddy Kong. He thinks he’s cute and a good monkey, but he can never time the peanut gun right and always ends up blasting himself in the face. Xander is such a sucker for cute things that he’s ridiculous, and just has fun

Camilla - Cloud. She’s top tier only, a tru MLG. Camilla’s one of those people that practices intensely and for hours… And it pays off. Fear Camilla, for she will ruin ur homestead, ur self-esteem, and ur life.

Leo - Dark Pit. He did it to tick off Takumi originally, but honestly? The man’s an emo. He’s a scene kid. Let the nerd have his fun, he’s actually interacting with people for once. Don’t tell him but he’s really bad.

Elise - Princess Peach. You’re probably going ‘aww that’s so cute’ but. Do not underestimate her. Elise is a terrifying empress of great and terrible power, she will crush skulls under her foot. She is unstoppable. Fear her.